Of course, I took the conventional route first and visited many medical doctors who tried to help.

They prescribed the strongest morphine possible, yet it was not enough. They wanted me to take medical marijuana and I refused. Believing that natural products, like the food, would help, I began taking pharmaceutical-grade enzymes and probiotics, but they didn’t seem to help. The doctor performed an ERCP, using a scope to look inside the digestive system. When there is a blockage, the usual procedure entails placing a stint and repairing the obstruction. The doctor said my system was so blocked that he couldn’t even go in there. I knew I had to make major changes to seriously improve my health and that is why I went to Hippocrates.

It wasn’t until late October of 2009, during my first visit to Hippocrates, that I began healing. During my stay I lost 20 pounds and transitioned into an organic, raw and green diet. I arrived extremely constipated but the green juice and detoxing changed the situation; I finally had normal eliminations after an entire life of digestive issues. I knew I could get some relief. Now I eliminate two or three times a day without a problem. I owe my vibrant health all to Hippocrates. At the ripe age of 64, I realized that listening to one’s instinct is the most important thing to do.

I also learned about love, relationships with others and how to reconnect with spirit while attending the Life Change Program at Hippocrates. One of the most memorable experiences was during group therapy. It was my first time in a group session and I was unsure how to act until I began listening to others speak. Everyone comes with their unique character traits. I critically listened to two young girls speaking about their relatively small challenges back home. Contemplating on the topic of the day, judgment, I realized just how much I judged others. I tuned my thoughts into compassion and honesty, completely letting go of all the junk I was attached to. I have opened myself to a new life full of positivity.

Having eaten processed foods and meat my entire life, I knew I had to establish a healthy diet to improve and maintain my health. Getting my digestion normalized was so motivating. I never knew what normal digestion was like until I visited Hippocrates. I understood that being a dental technician for over 38 years and working in a highly polluted environment aggravated the symptoms of the pancreatitis. I also recognized that my retirement money would be useless unless I was healthy. So I invested in my well-being by purchasing whatever I needed to stay healthy: a juicer, blender, dehydrator, infrared sauna, oxygen machine for my treadmill, ionizer for water, the H-Wave therapy system which helped my neck feel its best in 20 years and all of the prescribed LifeGive supplements.

Since graduating from the program at Hippocrates, I’ve maintained a 95 to 98 percent raw diet focusing on wheatgrass juices, greens and exercise. I plan on attending the Health Educator Program and becoming an advocate of the Hippocrates lifestyle. I believe living such a lifestyle will increase my lifespan another fifteen years. What really works is an affirmation I tell myself, “If you know you’re doing something wrong, change it!” If I can reverse my lifelong symptoms and heal after 64 years of a disease, anyone can. I’ve never felt better in all my life!

Vol 30 Issue 1 page 25


Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigue