In May 1997, I heard Brian Clement speak in the United Kingdom. As soon as Brian started to speak, I turned to my neighbor and said, “At last someone is speaking my language!” The subject that day was “Optimum Food”. My life would have changed sooner had I included wheatgrass, green vegetable juicing and sprouts as they made a difference to me. Since that lecture I have come a long way.

I visited Hippocrates as a patient/guest. thinking I was well. but after a severe detox I realized how much further I still had to go. Of course, it is the effect of the food, which helps us to get well, as well as doing exercise, yoga and various other alternative therapies, and it really is fun. Having had Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Hypoglycemia, Candida and Reynaud’s Disease and possibly Diabetes (not diagnosed) as well as being overweight, I found that all of the above have vanished. My energy has many years to catch up on – I am I 52 years old and feel 22!

In the fall of 1998 I did the Health Educator Course, the full 9 weeks, understanding how the full Hippocrates Program works and it does work one step at a time. Since then I have done voluntary work at Hippocrates, I teach in England and Portugal, I hold workshops, classes and residential courses.

I really do believe in what I teach and what Hippocrates has been able to offer me to change my future and to help others to understand. Doing the first three weeks at Hippocrates Health Institute is a great start as everything is prepared for you and the lectures enlightens you. You have to wish to get well and not look for difficulties. It was an opportunity for me and here I am today, improving all the time – every year a new change. You can find the time to change your life. I did, and I can be lazy. So make living your priority. Seed your thoughts and Feed your mind. I wish to thank everyone at Hippocrates for what they have been able to share with me and for all of their support.

Vol 20 Issue 3 page 3


Fibromyalgia/ Chonic Fatigue Follicular Lymphoma