She thought she was dying. The doctors gave her no hope. Plagued by unrelenting fatigue, her body ached, and it was painful to walk. Prescriptions for pain, sleep, antidepressants and steroids brought little relief. Once an energetic, happy, positive person, fear and guilt consumed her. The pain, which had begun in her feet, back and hips, was moving into her neck, arms and hands. A minister and motivational speaker and she could no longer work. She cried and begged and then demanded God to heal her. She knew it was possible but only silence answered. The depression was the worst. Her quiet desperate thought terrified her. She did not want to die but if this was life, she knew it was only a matter of time.

Systemic lupus erythematosus has fascinated doctors for almost a century and remains the prototypic autoimmune disease. The survival rate has improved yet it remains incurable. According to the American College of Rheumatology, fibromyalgia affects up to 6 million Americans. It is as debilitating as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic and incurable.

Four months later she is off medications, back to work and even jogging. Yesterday she paddled her kayak seven miles around the island she lives on. She is laughing again. The pain is gone.

“To show you how we have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of health” is the purpose of her new book “Absolute Healing: The Basics.” The firsthand stories of people who have recovered from incurable diseases inspire, motivate and bring hope into the darkness. She is arranging seminars for Brian Clement, Hippocrates director, nationwide. Jasse is passionate about getting the word out about the Hippocrates program and is available for talks anytime, anywhere.

“Now I understand that everything was in Divine order,” said Jasse. “I just didn’t like it I fought to keep the Sanctuary open but eventually closed it. Now I understand why I went through what I did. My greatest trial was my greatest gift because I can use it to serve others.”

“I saw miracles happen at Hippocrates. There is no disease including cancer and AIDS that cannot be healed. I have dedicated my life to letting others know that they don’t have to suffer needlessly with emotional and physical pain. They don’t have to be depressed and die from disease. Hippocrates taught me there is no reason we can’t live well into our 100s — in perfect health.

“Once we accept 100% responsibility for everything that happens in our lives we make incredible progress. Since we become what we think, Hippocrates restores your greatest seed, thought. Your own potential and a slim, healthy body is just the beginning! A life without limits, joy only previously imagined, economic, emotional and spiritual success can be yours. Just keep an open mind and check it out,” she finished, smiling. If you would like to speak with Jasse personally just give her a call at (239) 765-5654 or email her at

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