Ready, set, chop!

Hippocrates Health Institute’s Fine Longevity Cuisine has been developed and validated through comprehensive, scientific, and experiential research to help people radically change their health and detoxify their bodies. HHI’s diet consists of 80% raw and 20% cooked food to assist you in the transition from a cooked food diet. (One hundred percent raw may be advised for those working to conquer greater health challenges.)

Adopting a diet rich in fresh organic living-raw sprouts, green vegetable juices, wheatgrass, nuts, seeds, grains, and fruits supplies the body with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and plant-based proteins. As well as, enzymes, alkalinity, oxygen and bioelectrical charges vital to cellular and general health.

Taking a closer look at the foods included in HHI’s Fine Longevity Cuisine you will find:

Green rejuvenating juices: In addition to raw living sprouts, HHI’s nutrient-dense green juices are an essential part of HHI’s Fine Longevity Cuisine. These immune-boosting drinks are a staple in HHI’s diet.

Fresh living raw sprouts and organic greens: These chlorophyll-rich foods are a cornerstone of HHI’s Life Longevity Cuisine. Chief among these is a variety of freshly grown in-house sprouts and salad greens served at every meal.

Health-building organic vegetables: Fresh seasonal organic vegetables add enzymatic beauty and power to HHI’s abundant living foods lineup.

Savory nuts, seeds, legumes and grains: Vegan nut pates, raw hummus, and sprouted grain preparations, as well as raw pizza, tacos and crackers, to add nutrient-rich dishes to the buffet.

Mineral-rich sea vegetables: Assorted sea vegetables provide important nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin A, iron, and iodine. These foods also aid in detoxifying the body.

Fermented foods: Rich in nutrition and in flavor, Hippocrates’ sauerkraut is a favorite among the guests. The probiotics in fermented foods help rebuild and maintain intestinal health and support the immune system.

Some of HHI’s tantalizing culinary creations include:

Caesar salad, pizza, walnut tacos, avocado sushi-rolls, home-style nut “meat” loaf, jambalaya, creamed spinach, veggie wraps, hummus, and pad Thai, among others.

To further your raw living experience, during your stay, you will be able to take raw food preparation and technique classes so you can take the Life Longevity Cuisine home with you.

Eating a raw food diet might be a whole new experience for you. We are certain that your body and mind will love, fresh, living food, and you will quickly experience wonderful results.