The foundation of the Hippocrates’ program is based on consuming food in its purest form: fresh, organic, and enzyme-rich, offering the body the highest nutrition with the lowest expenditure of energy in order to allow the body to focus on Plate of fooddetoxifying and healing.  In addition to buffet-style lunches and dinners, the program includes fresh, organic green juices two times a day and wheatgrass juice therapies.

Wheatgrass Juice

A core component of the program, wheatgrass is one of nature’s most perfect foods. Wheatgrass has antioxidants and phyto-chemicals which provide exceptional nutritional value. When consumed or used as an implant, wheatgrass:

  • Increases red blood-cell count, mimics hemoglobin
  • Cleanses the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract of debris
  • Restores alkalinity to the blood
  • Is a powerful detoxifier and liver & blood protector
  • Fights tumors & neutralizes toxins
  • Can be used externally for soothing & healing all manner of maladies

Hippocrates’ Green Juice

Twice a day guests enjoy Hippocrates famous nutrient-dense green juice, which consists of equal parts sunflower and pea sprout, cucumber and celery juices.

Fresh Sprouts & Greens

Chlorophyll-rich foods are a cornerstone of the program. Chief among these is the variety of freshly grown leafy sprouts and salad greens served at every meal.

Health-building Organic Vegetables

Fresh seasonal vegetables, many of which are grown on our campus at the Hippocrates Organic Farm, add foods rich in enzymes with no pesticides.

Savory Nuts, Legumes & Grains

Vegan nut pâtés, raw hummus and sprouted grain preparations, as well as pizza and crackers, add nutrient-rich variety to the daily buffets.

Mineral-rich Sea Vegetables

Assorted sea vegetables such as dulse, kelp and wakame provide important nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin A, iron and iodine, as well as aid the body in detoxification.

Fermented Foods

Rich in nutrition and flavor, the probiotics in fermented foods help rebuild and maintain intestinal health and support the immune system.