She was going to do chemo but I thanked the customer for the information but didn’t think it was for me at the time. The doctors had told me it was a slow-growing cancer and I could live for 25?–?30 years as long as it didn’t progress. A year passed and I was tested every three months. There was no change until January 2010. While I was waiting to speak to the doctor for my results I saw a yoga magazine. I opened it up and I saw an ad for Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI). My wife suggested I have the receptionist make me a copy of the ad. I got the copy but I still didn’t think it was for me. When I spoke to the doctor I changed my mind. He told me that I had a lymph growing next to my heart. That’s when I decided to give HHI a try. I came to Hippocrates for one week in February 2010. Upon arrival, my cholesterol was 229 and my live blood cell analysis showed that the cells were all clumped together. I began drinking green juices and eating sprouts for that week. I had to go home for a month then returned to complete the three-week Life Change Program.

After completing the program, my cholesterol went down 50 points and my blood cells separated and floated freely as they should. My first week at Hippocrates I lost nine pounds. Within five weeks, I had lost another 12 pounds. I’ve felt great throughout the entire process. I did not have to deal with some of the detox symptoms that others have experienced. I think this is because I prepared my body initially with healthy food.

I visited HHI a third time just before my next scan. When I visited my doctor, I found out the lymph nodes in my abdomen had gone back to normal. One in my chest shrunk, one stayed the same, and the one next to my heart lightened. Five months later?—?after eating about 80% raw?—?I came back to Hippocrates again before a five month scan and the doctor told me that it’s still shrinking. Now I don’t have to see the doctor for another six months and I am planning on making it once a year. My life changed after coming to Hippocrates Health Institute. I have spoken to many people with cancer and told them about HHI. I would like to enroll in the Hippocrates Health Educator Program to help spread the word even more.

Vol 31 Issue 1 Page 41


Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Fatigue Gall Stone, Mercury, Toxicity