Unfortunately, the eating habits in my home country, the United States, do not seem to be greatly improving. The recent election changes here may quite possibly negate the positive steps gained in the past few years. Our government’s attack on the tobacco industry was the first big step. Sadly, it may be generations yet until the meat and dairy industries are put under such close scrutiny.

I’ve spent quite a number of hours on airplanes and in airports recently, and I’d be hard-pressed to recall finding anything remotely healthy to eat. Just take a look at what people around you are consuming. It’s alarming!

All of these experiences have only reinforced my own convictions about the principles of Hippocrates Health Institute for 1995. I’m planning to restructure our kitchen technique classes so more emphasis can be placed on practical menu planning and easily prepared dishes. I have already begun to contact culinary schools in the U.S. and Canada to assist in placing students who are interested in working with plants, grains and legumes, into those related fields as opposed to standard restaurant and hotel operations.

Contrary to the “this-way-or-no-way” message of many activist groups, I would like to focus on educating people towards the certainty that by eating well, healing occurs. As a bonus, this principle contributes to the causes of many well-intending groups.

A few years ago, my view of being a vegan equated to being “better” than others, along with feeling the need to change those of unequal dietary caliber. To my relief (as well as the recipients of my finger-pointing!) these feelings have now passed. I’ve realized that people will change only when they are ready. I am ready and willing to help those who truly want to change.

We can all eat and live well by utilizing the following suggestions:

  1. Buy as much organic and biodynamic produce as possible.
  2. Seek out growers in your area and support them.
  3. Learn to organize and lovingly prepare your own food.
  4. Cultivate the view of dining out as a social event instead of solely for eating.
  5. Incorporate the opportunity to learn about different cultures by dining in ethnic restaurants.
  6. With the demand for healthier food on the rise, you may have noticed that many mainstream restaurants are now catering to vegetarians. Take advantage of them! Spread the word! Demand healthy food! But don’t forget that restaurants, like any other business, rely on repeat customers. If you find a particularly accommodating restaurant, tell your other veggie friends. Meet them there to socialize, and of course…EAT!

    I look forward to seeing some of the alumni return to the Institute. Please contact me if you are interested in putting a workshop together.

    Until then, be bold and have a peaceful life. Love, Steve.

    Vol 14 Issue 4 page 5


    Food for Healing Food Revolution at Alternative High School