Being ‘wired” and inundated with information engages the brain, nervous system, endocrine system and circulatory system, not only during the exposure, but for twenty four hours a day. Even the use of electricity and lighting in our work and home environments can cause unhealthy effects to our bodily systems.

Beyond the man-made psycho-circus of gadgets and unrealistic expectations are the human relationships we seem not to be able to handle. With less than ten percent of marriages being happy and secure, long term fulfilling interactions may appear to be just a memory from the distant past. The paucity of fulfilling relationships hyperactivates people and causes them to fill their empty selves with void nutrition and make-believe food stuff.

Nutrients most often missing today are those that feed the nervous system and brain-minerals, B Vitamins, including B12, pro-biotics, and enzymes. This lethal combination of deficiencies virtually drain the body of vital energy. People then feel nutritionally desperate and further nutritionless “food” consumption causes a vicious cycle.

Comfort food is most often used to describe this untenable fare. There is no true comfort in the resulting malnutrition and weight gaining properties of these non-nutritious morsels.

Soil depletion, global poisoning, poor air quality, and ridiculous so-called farming practices all compound this problem, since even those attempting to eat a healthier diet are quite often finding it hard to be consistent. As an example,   the average organic farm contains only three to five percent organic. The visible and sensual differences between food grown in nutrient-lacking versus organic soil (be it sprayed or not), is night and day. The first is small, tasteless, and easy to perish. The latter is large, bright, delicious, and long lasting. The results we glean from observing healthy plant food can be equated to humans. When one consumes nourishing cuisine, filled with the bouquet of needed nutrients, the body and mind become as strong and bold as that which you eat.

Space on earth is not an oxymoron. It is the room we use to grow our foods. With nearly seven billion human inhabitants on earth, food must be- come far more localized and grown close to population centers. lf it takes us thousands of acres/hectors to grow inferior plant foods, would it not be sensible to use far less land developing rich organic soil on it and growing the most nutritious foods possible? Super foods quite often take up the same space that much less desirable crops do, yet may afford us a multitude of nutritional benefits.

Many Super foods are primary examples of renewable resources since the bushes and trees and plants that they are grown on continually produce for generations. As a young man, l was asked to consider managing one of America’s oldest organic apple orchards in Fort Royal, Virginia. The strong sophisticated and hard- working owner Mr. Thompson, had been in his last year of medical school, and upon his fathers death, he had to retum to the fam to help his mother. His sincere, deep and wise methods placed him in the forefront of organic modem technology.

I’ll never forget walking out into the orchard with him and hearing him speak with a loud clear Virginia gentlemen accent. On the outer perimeter of the farm, he showed me a tree that came to its natural demise. He stated that they last for about twenty five years here. Rapidly tuming and walking several steps, he stood below a strong beautiful and abundantly filled red delicious apple tree. He said, “this tree is also twenty-five years old,” as he knelt down with soil in his hand. He then commented that “several years ago, Dr. Harry Reams and I found underwater sea rocks off Bermuda that we ground and fertilized the orchard with. Our biggest problem was that the dying trees came back to life so fast that their trunks often burst with sap.” This was my first and best education on Super food. It is not what the food is supposed to contain, it is what is contained in the food. Thompson’s apples were certainly proof of a superior quality.

Hippocrates pioneered modem day use of germinated seeds, nuts, grains and beans in diet. Often called sproutarian’s, those who favor this Super Food acquire up to thirty times more nutrients than can be gained from the best fresh organic vegetables. These little seeds become the mothers that easily produce hundreds or thousand of seeds. When common sense prevails, it is easy to understand why sprouts are super. All of that energy converts into the same for the human cells. In recent decades, the discovery and ongoing findings about phytochemicals places sprouts as a main stay of any healthy diet. Even the grains and beans that are difficult to digest and often problematic with the way they are prepared and consumed become exceptionally beneficial once they morph back into a living plant. The amount of sunlight    that most sprouts capture is among the highest in the plant kingdom.

Seed Sprouts-Chia, Hemp, Flax, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Poppy, Sesame-with their complete amino acid profile (protein) and wide variety of omega fatty acids, build muscle, cells, including brain neurons, energize and activate all cells and protect the integrity of the entire anatomy. These easy to digest Super superior foods have been known for millennia for their powers. You may re-call the saying “Open Sesame,” which illustrates how ancient cultures understood the significance of seed foods. Sprouted pumpkin helps to protect glands, including those in breast and prostate. Chia and hemp sprouts encourage healthy brain function. Flax sprouts protect memory and activate red blood cells. Poppy sprouts build the nervous system and calm the consumer. Sunflower sprouts provide the most efficient muscle building and heart protecting properties.

Edible weeds, those unwanted menaces we dispose of from our gardens, would best be consumed, since they, like sprouts, contain massive nutrition. Quite often these weeds are dozens of times more health building than the inferior vegetables we plant in their place. Edible weeds are easy to identify via books, and proliferate without cost worldwide.

Sea vegetables can also be harvested in all of the oceans of the world and are free of the pollutants and chemicals that we thoughtlessly pour into this unified water mass. The cell structure of these underwater plants growing in the world’s richest soil and enhanced by the refraction of UV and UA sunlight, builds strong and super nourishing foods that resist much of the pervasive waste. All of us living in the electronic age are exposed to either high or low levels of radiation. Another attribute of sea vegetable consumption is the removal of radioactive substances found in many of our cells. Complete protein is found in the majority of common sea vegetables. The sunlight energy content is also magnified, affording the body of much magnetite which is the base electrical conductor in every human cell.

Garlic, onions, chives, scallions, leeks and shallots are the highest common sulphur Super Foods. Locked within the cells of the pungent delights is the phytonutrients, sulphurphane. In the halls of competent medical research, it is well known and fully accepted that the anti-cancer, anti-cholesterol, blood strengthening and lowering of triglycerides all occur when these powerhouses are employed. Dr. John Milner of Pennsylvania University College of Health and Human Development says that “most scientists believe that garlic prevents carcinogens from binding to DNA material and converting normal cells into tumor cells”. Allow yourself to sprinkle your weekly menu with these extraordinary delicacies.

Aloe, fenugreek sprouts, flax seed sprouts all have medicinal gels that help with everything from gastrointestinal eliminatory concerns to blood sugar, wounds and bums, and in the case of aloe, even the prevention of cancer. When consumed in their raw state, each of these also fulfill some of the omega 3 fatty acid needs (fuel for cells). There is overwhelming evidence that each of these foods effectively assist the body in healing and prevention.

Berries and their seeds like cranberries, blueberries, black raspberries, gooseberries, huckleberries, strawberries, red raspberries and better yet, their dried and sprouted seeds, contain a full spectrum of anti-aging disease fighting chemistry. International studies and research have reopened nutritional books and added a very significant chapter. The sprouted seeds can contain dozens of times more phytonutrients than the fruit itself. When one needs to avoid the fructose, you can gain even more benefit by consuming the sprouted seeds of these berries

Tropical and mountain fruits and seeds — Goji berries, mangostene, noni, acai — are exotic fruits and in the case of acai, the seed from a certain palm tree. All are known for their exceptional high quality nutrition (protein, vitamins, minerals, fatty acid) but most important, their antioxidant level. Antioxidants are the elements that put muscle on the cells to resist cell death, the root cause of premature aging and disease. Each must be consumed in their raw state, not in a bottle, since other than a couple of company’s globally, all bottled juices are cooked. Acai is the best choice since it has virtually no sugar, several times higher amount of antioxidants, and is a complete protein containing a powerful cross section of omega oil.

There are many other superior Super foods, although the ones profiled have had the most evidential research proving their universal effectiveness. Super foods are highly important in any serious health seekers repertoire. The combination of nutrients, positive chemistry and electrical charge, contained in these compact power houses are simply a smart way to pursue better health and further strength. Each have been deeply touched by the sun and for this very reason offer dynamic healing nutrition. Since we have to eat, we should always choose fare that builds us at the highest level.

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