Do you take medical insurance ? 

No, we are not a medical facility. However some guests have submitted a claim on their own to their respective insurance companies.

Can I come and look at the facility ?

Yes, We offer scheduled tours weekly on Thursdays & Saturdays at 12 noon.

Do I have to stay there for the program ?

No, you can choose the option of a Commuter for the Life Transformation program.

Can I just come for IV Therapy ?

Yes you can arrange that through our Vida Department 561-683-1700

Can you cure my (wife’s, husband’s dad’s) cancer?

We don’t say we ‘cure’ an illness here..we educate the person on how to understand their body and take responsibility to improve their own health, and support them as they detox and rebuild their immune system.

Can I come just for a weekend or a week?

We don’t have any weekend programs, but you can come for a Spa Day and experience two wonderful therapies along with our world-class amenities. Our signature Life Transformation Program is a 3-week program that is recommended as a first visit. One week and two week stays are also available however we have found through experience that one week is just too fast and busy for a first time guest to be able to feel the benefits and relax.

How much should I budget for extras while I’m there? 

Once you are at HHI, it is not required that you purchase anything additional, however some people choose to take advantage of our extra offerings and line of supplements while they are on property. Depending on your health situation, and how many extra therapies you want to do or can budget for, you can expect to spend an extra few hundred to a few thousand dollars during your stay. We do not oblige you to do any extra therapies, however you’ll learn that for certain situations you may want to have the support of intravenous vitamin therapy, and this will be explained to you with the cost. Other therapies and special spa treatments are available if you desire. Supplements are very beneficial for a weak and ailing body as well, and if you choose to take them, could run from a few hundred dollars to a thousand or so.

How much weight can I lose?

Our Weight Loss Transformation Program can help you lose 15+ pounds in your 3 weeks. Additionally during our Life Transformation Program you can loose weight (usually 10+ lbs) if this is your focus. You won’t lose that much weight if you are already thin..your body knows what it needs, and will balance out as you go through the 3 weeks.

Can we leave the grounds sometimes?

Anytime you want, however you’ll be so busy and happy here you’ll not want to leave. We do have an organized trip to the beach or the health food store each weekend for those who don’t have a car and would like to get out and see the area with their new friends.

What should I bring? Do I need to bring towels and linens?

We provide towels and linens, just bring your personal items. You’ll receive an overview of what to bring when you register.

Will I be hungry?

You’ll experience feelings from your new diet that you might think are hunger, but our copious twice-daily buffet and nutrition packed green juices we serve between meals will prevent you from feeling hungry. We find once we are used to the new diet, we actually need less food to satisfy us. All our foods are top nutrition with no empty calories.

Can I use my computer to work sometimes?

Yes, we have WiFi and you can get some work done while you’re here, but we suggest as much as possible to take the time to rejuvenate yourself and take a time out from computers and internet.

Do you preach a religion?

No, we have people visit our Institute from all different spiritual beliefs. We encourage people to take the time to connect with their own personal spiritual practice while here, and be inspired by the beauty and peace that surrounds us and unites us all.