Had a little too much over the holidays? The below detoxification practices are staples for a healthy body all year long.

General Detoxification Tonics

  1. Upon waking, drink lemon water with up to one-half teaspoon of cayenne pepper. This helps to open up the circulatory system and alkalinize the body fluids, increasing the rate of detoxification.
  2. Fast one day every week, consuming only freshly-squeezed green drinks, vegetable juices, purified water, and herbal teas. These fasting days will allow any potential long-term toxins to be released before they can cause serious damage.
  3. Exercise daily, Aerobic, resistance, and stretching exercises speed the elimination process.
  4. Do not treat your detoxification symptoms with drugs or vitamins. Detoxification symptoms are part of a healing process. Don’t try to heal a symptom of healing.
  5. Let fevers below 103 degrees run their course. A fever is an indication that the body is working overtime to cleanse the body.
  6. The body needs energy to dispel toxins. The more you rest and sleep when the symptoms are present, the milder they are and the more quickly they are terminated.

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