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Our gifts supports Fair Trade, which leads to an enriched understanding of the global community and a better life for all. When you purchase a gift that supports Fair Trade, you are giving families and villages opportunities that they might never have had.

Gifts under $30

Kudu Klip $28:

Create dozens of hairstyles in less than a minute! This versatile hair accessory works on ALL types of hair, from the very fine to ultra thick. When you purchase these unique hair accessories, you are supporting BUILD ON HOPE, a non-profit organization involved in animal conservation in Africa. Wear in your hair and show that you care.

Club Bag $28:

The Ultimate functional fashion accessory are hand beaded with artisian fabric.   These super attractive bags provide compact, efficient storage for any person on the go. Holds any size cell phone, and has secret pocket for cash or credit cards. Comes with wrist strap and cross body strap.

Huipil Collection Coin Purse $15 or

Guatemala’s traditional clothing is called Huipil. Huipils have been worn by Mayan woman since ancient times. The designs woven into each Huipil shows the individual’s personality, the village, the marital, social and religious status of a Guatemalan woman. Huipils are woven by hand using traditional back strap looms. Zippered Coin Purse.

Huipil Compact Bag $19 This beautiful compact bag, is great for carrying cell phone, keys, cash, etc with a cross strap. Handcrafted in the highlands of Guatemala, each piece is carefully made preserving cultural traditions and craft making techniques that have been passed on for generations.  

Gifts $10 or under

Handmade Beaded Keychains $8 Peruse an assortment of beautiful handmade critters, all intricately created by hand. A very special gift for any age!

Guatemalan Worry Dolls $10: According to Mayan legend, worry dolls take away worries while you sleep. Wisper worries to them and place them under you pillow. In the morning the dolls will have taken your worries away! Comes with 4 worry dolls in a hand crocheted bag. Handmade in Guatemala following Fair Trade guidelines.

Personalized Worry Dolls $5: Do you know someone with personal worries? Give a miniature personalized worry doll to take their cares away. Selection includes weight worries, worry free mom-to-be, parenting worries, car worries, marriage worries, hair worries, workaholic worries, etc.

Comforting Clay Clips $8: Carry these handcrafted comforting clay heart or cross as a constant reminder to show love to those around you. Each piece is a blank canvas for you to create a work of art as vibrant as the love in your heart. Can put on your purse, key chain, coat, or wherever you wish!

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