Our body has approximately sixty thousand miles of blood vessels. If you think that?s impressive, consider that we have three times that distance (180,000 miles) of lymphatic vessels. “Homeostasis” is considered to be the fundamental basis of all healthy tissue and all tissue healing. In order to achieve homeostasis you have to get the good blood and oxygen in, and equally as important, get the bad blood and waste out.

This physiological function is called “fluid dynamics.” The successful result of healthy circulatory fluid dynamics is the sodium potassium balance, oxygenated and nourished cells and blood tissue chemistry: aka, Homeostasis.

So what does H-Wave® have to do with blood or circulation? Absolutely everything! The core function of H-Wave is the facilitation of fluid dynamics. This dynamic exchange of interstitial fluids will help to achieve homeostasis, as described above.

H-Wave uses technology that is patented, trademarked, and uniquely different than all other electronic waveforms. H-Wave helps to facilitate a “dynamic” (no tetany or spasm) muscle contraction which is the primary physiologic catalyst to increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. The increased blood flow from the force of a full cycle “dynamic” muscle contraction naturally provides the transportation to purge and rinse the tissues of metabolites, chemical irritants and other toxic fluid pressures, using a lymphokinetic action. H-Wave is published in PubMed (a publication of the National Institutes of Health?s U.S. National Library of Medicine) as increasing blood flow as much as 247% in the lower extremities.

In our body we have synapses. Synapses are, at one level, how our cells communicate with each other and are similar in shape to a wishbone. They are like little spark plugs. Our synapses have a pre-synaptic area and a post-synaptic area. The space in between the pre-synaptic and post-synaptic area is called a synaptic cleft. Just like the spark from a spark plug ignites the combustion motor, the spark in the synaptic cleft ignites sensory and motor response in the body. H-Wave so closely resembles this electrical spark or synaptic output, the body seems to recognize H-Wave as inherently like its own electronic language and does not resist the electronic signal. This represents a major breakthrough in electrotherapy and provides the “missing link” on how to get into the body without the body perceiving the waveform as a threat or enemy.

The History Of H-Wave Therapy

No one in this industry really understood the power of the human body to resist foreign electricity until the H-Wave was discovered. The human body considers most other electrical waveform technologies to be a threat or enemy and therefore goes into a defensive mode by initiating a powerful resistance shield. This resistance barrier is so powerful that it greatly reduces the effectiveness of traditional electrical waveforms.

In order to punch through this resistance barrier, engineers ramped up the voltage of their devices to force compliance from the body. We all know it is not good to force nature to do something it does not want to do. Excess voltage creates a tetanic contraction. It is an unnatural forced contraction. It?s sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes dangerous and has no real basis in facilitating blood circulation and lymphatic exchange.

Conversely, with H-Wave, the body recognizes the waveform as inherently like its own electricity and sees H-Wave as a friend, not an enemy. There is virtually no resistance. We are able to get full cooperation from the muscles, nerves and lymphatic system. Now we can orchestrate fluid dynamics comfortably, safely, and to a much greater extent. This is how H-Wave helps to change blood tissue chemistry from “bad” to “good.” The force of a dynamic contraction provides the lymphokinetic exchange of blood and waste in and out and all around the interstitium (the interstitium represents the spaces between the trillions of cell we have in our body). This purging or cleansing action of the interstitum is of paramount importance to our everyday health.

When blood travels to the cells to deliver oxygen and nutrition, the cell uptakes the oxygenated blood nutrition and metabolizes all the nutrients. Then the vacuole (this is like a vacuum cleaner inside the cell) gathers up the metabolic waste products, opens the cell door and dumps the waste into the interstitium. This is where problems can start. Just like carbon that builds up on a spark plug, causing the spark plug to misfire or to not fire at all, congestive waste products build up in the synaptic cleft rendering the synapse incapable of firing an electrical potential. In one comparison, your car?s engine starts running poorly or all of a sudden dies. Similarly, your cells start functioning poorly or suddenly die. If this interstitial blood waste starts to accumulate and congest the spaces around the cells, cellular imbalance starts to take place. Now newly oxygenated nutrified blood can?t get to the cells because of all this blood waste congestion. The congestive blood waste chokes off oxygen and nutrition to the cell and the cells start to die. Now you have a fluid stagnation and the potential environment for pathology to develop such as Peripheral Vascular Disease, Intermittent Claudication, Varicose Veins, Ischemia, Diabetic and Vascular Ulcers, Hansen?s disease, Raynaud?s Disease, Wound Care Problems, Delayed Healing, Musculoskeletal and Connective Tissue Disorders, Acute and Chronic Pain, Acute and Chronic Edema. This happens to so many people because of poor diet, lack of exercise or one of many medical ailments that worsens because of poor blood circulation and lymphatic congestion.

H-Wave® facilitates a dynamic compressive muscle contraction to increase blood flow to the affected area. In between theses dynamic contractions the muscle releases causing suction in the tissue spaces that helps to drain this lymphatic congestion. The rinsing action of blood being pushed through the interstitial spaces provides the transportation to remove the congestive debris. This “dynamic” (no tetany or spasm) muscle contraction is the primary physiologic catalyst to increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. The increased blood flow from the force of a full cycle “dynamic” muscle contraction naturally provides the transportation to purge and rinse the tissues of metabolites, chemical irritants and other toxic fluid pressures, using a lymphokinetic action.

Removal of this congestion in the tissue spaces allows for the uptake of oxygenated blood nutrients to nourish the nerves and surrounding cells, while bolstering the immune system.

Some Important Additional Benefits Of H-Wave® Therapy

This biomechanical action helps the body to balance blood tissue chemistry through natural lymphokinetic fluid dynamics, slowing the pathogenic progression of many circulatory diseases while creating a homeostatic environment to enhance tissue regeneration and healing. In essence, you may be able to partially reverse your symptoms and disease course. These same fluid dynamics, in most cases, will significantly reduce acute or chronic pain for long periods of time by removing the “source or cause” of the pain signal. If there is no chemical irritation antagonizing the nerve, if there is no congestive pressure on the nerve, and if the nerve is able to get its proper uptake of oxygenated nutrified blood flow, the opportunity for pain can be significantly minimized.

In the simplest terms, H-Wave can profoundly increase blood circulation and lymphatic exchange to help you achieve a better quality of life.

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