Hair-DesignCustom Shampoo & Scalp Massage

Each shampoo is personalized based on the scalp condition and needs of each individual.  Shampoo can include essential oils, seaweeds and Ph-balanced gentle cleansers, created specific for your needs.

Personalized Hair Design

Taking into account their morphology of the face, hair texture and density, shape of head and face, as well as how much time you want to maintain the style. Images are gone thru and discussed. This Includes customized cut, personalized styling and one-on-one professional explanation on how to best care for the perfect style for your face, lifestyle and season.

Customized Hair Color

  • A customized blend of organic, all-natural plant based color that covers grey 100%
  • Balayage Technique for Highlights.  Balayage, which is also called “hair painting,” creates the most natural looking results because the colorist paints on the highlights, and can scatter them throughout your hair in a more truly sun kissed and haphazard pattern.


Scalp Treatment

A customized blend of exfoliate, wheatgrass, essential oils and clay, designed to nurture the scalp.

  • First a green algae paste, pumice, essential oils and algae extracts are painted onto the scalp and a massage is provided to exfoliate the scalp.
  • The dead skin and cells are rinsed out and 11a scalp oil with three kinds of sea algae extract is applied
  • Then a small brush is used in a circular motion to further loosen the scalp and relax the body while opening the pores.
  • Three ounces of Wheatgrass is then juiced and applied with the pulp, the head is wrapped with a hot towel
  • Tuning forks are used (the perfect tone of C and G). This opens the organs, muscle tissue and allows the wheatgrass to have optimal absorption.
  • The hair is then conditioned and rinsed to be styled or dryed naturally.

Moisturizing Treatment

A deep conditioning that is perfect to recondition any type of hair, from fine to coarse, without weighing hair down.

Great Length Hair Extensions

We only use Great Lengths hair extensions which is 100% Natural human hair.  The best hair extension system that attaches additional strands to your own hair.

  • The best hair extension system that attaches additional strands to your own hair
  • Only 100% human hair of the highest quality is used
  • Other hair extension technologies use techniques such as welding, waxing, gluing or knotting, which strain and often damage your hair
  • There is no hair damage and no visible differentiation between the extension and your own hair
  • We have natural colors and ‘fantasy’ colors

Bridal Hair Services and Special Events

Our dream team has the experience and the knowledge to create a unique look to reflect who you are and bring out your true essence and beauty of you on that special day.  You and your bridal party will look fabulous.  We can arrange your special day and guide you in creating your salon experience so you can relax and enjoy your day.  We will provide healthy juices and snacks for a relaxing pre-wedding experience.

With a consultation we can arrange multiple possibilities, including coming to the location for your wedding.