An Oasis for the Mind, Body & Spirit

Included in the Life Transformation Program are weekly Swedish massages, one colon hydrotherapy session and one H-Wave treatment.  In addition, a personal program of non-invasive electro-magnetic therapies and laser treatments is prescribed for each guest.  Designed to restore energy at the cellular level, these therapies boost the immune system for faster recovery and healing. The technology and equipment employed at Hippocrates is on the cutting-edge of energy medicine.

The Oasis Therapy Center offers a full menu of the latest in cutting-edge spa treatments, as well as relaxing therapies, all designed to enhance the healing process.


psychotherapyOur staff psychotherapists see every Hippocrates guest, for we believe that making changes to the body are useless unless supported by the mind. In addition to the one-on-one sessions that are included as part of the Life Transformation Program, weekly group therapy sessions and lectures on healing the mind are offered throughout the program.

Physical Fitness

Physical activity is an essential element of the Hippocrates program. Whether you enjoy soothing stretching and yoga, mat Pilates, water aerobics, Qigong or Tai Chi, you’ll find it in our daily schedule of group fitness classes. fitness-center-interior-smallEvery morning starts with an optional walk or run at a nearby park, and fitting in a cardio workout complete with added oxygen or strength training in our state-of-the-art fitness center is available at your leisure.

We recommend that all of our guests partake in a daily detoxifying sweat in our steam room or one of the dozens of far infrared saunas that dot the campus. And you’ll keep cool in one of eight ozone pools, including dead sea salt, swimming, Jacuzzi and cold plunge.