Spiritual matters can play a fundamental role in reversing the results of our negative choices and actions. From the spiritual realms one gains a Higher Knowledge and Perception, making Vision available to give us the added strength and confidence we need to change our course. But before we call upon something more, we first must be fully participating in utilizing all of our strengths and assets to heal ourselves.

Creating realistic goals, which have time frames that are doable, will give you concrete guidelines to recovery. We cannot live without direction and direction must be chosen by ourselves. So often we wander aimlessly looking for the answers when the answers are just at the edge of our awareness.

On a daily basis, here at Hippocrates, we observe our guests from all corners of the globe gaining increased enthusiasm through the basic principles and natural laws that govern a healthy existence. Just today, one of our European guests discovered, for the first time in his life, what it is to feel the opposite of starving. After consuming the living food from our banquet table, he said feeling the energy of the massive nutrition was like suddenly filling a void of life-long starvation. Another guest registered change of another kind: the constant haunting thoughts that had followed her for years were now being erased and replaced by the positive images of a hopeful life.

We are all capable of more than we understand. There are many reasons for this. Instead of seeking further for the truths and actions that will expand our abilities, we often stop where we are and accept that we do not have access to the tools for accomplishing greatness. People are all searching for miracles rather than creating them. When observing those who come from the depths of disease to the heights of wellness, each and everyone has been able to relinquish their fears and doubts, and replace them with positive action.

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