In 2008, David realized that certain foods were making him sick. Every time he would eat, his body would reject the food immediately. He felt sick and nauseous, and this could last for six months. First he thought it was his age, but it was getting worse—he started to react even before he would put the food in his mouth. In one instance, he was gagging when he put the hard shell (corn) taco near his mouth.

One day, a friend invited David to eat raw vegan food at Hippocrates Heath Institute. For the first time in six months, David did not feel sick while eating. That’s when he became curious about the food he ate. He realized it was not his age that caused the sickening reaction, but the food.

David said: “When I went back to eating natural, organically grown food instead of genetically engineered food, I felt so much better. The more natural food I ate over time, the more I started feeling great. It took six months of eating right for me to heal. Sometimes I accidentally eat genetically engineered food because it’s unlabeled, and then I get nausea again. I return the food to where I bought it for a refund because it is just plain bad food—it is not natural. They cannot hide it from me because of my allergy. Better labeling is essential so we all can know what we’re eating. I can guarantee you anybody that is feeling sick should first investigate the food they eat?—?if they just eat organically grown vegan foods they will likely heal because it is the most natural food for you—there is nothing artificial about it.”

This information is extremely important not only to us but to future generations. It’s one of the most dangerous heath and environmental risks we face. We need to recognize how our food choices can affect our health (body, mind, emotion and spirit), our communities, and our Mother Earth.

“There is nothing wrong with you; what is wrong is the food you are eating.”

— David Torrella


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