Larry had what is called a massive myocardial infarction, losing 50% of his heart muscle the whole back of his heart. “I knew that nutrition was important, I had sort of dabbled in health. l’d see a nutritionist and do one year on a healthier diet, two years off,” says Larry. All the while, he smoked, worked too much, carried 25 extra pounds, and walked around with a total cholesterol of 360 and a triglyceride count of 500.

After the third heart attack Larry was taking four types of medication and wore a nitro patch. The medications were making him feel awful. He was having nightmares, headaches, and was constantly tired. His prognosis was dire.

Larry went back to his nutritionist who told him he had no more time to tool around. He sent Larry to Hippocrates.

At Hippocrates, Larry learned about raw and living foods and what he had been doing to his body for all those years. The program made sense. His cholesterol went down to 200 and his triglycerides dropped to 100. He started to feel better.

Meanwhile Gerard was back in New Jersey doing the same things he always did working too hard and eating too much. “When Larry told me what he was doing, I thought he was a little kooky. After all, I had given up red meat, I thought I was a   healthy eater.” Then he had his heart attack. He was luckier, he only lost eight percent of his heart muscle and had Larry there for support. But doctors had him on eight pills a day. Now he had the miserable side effects. It was hard to ignore Larry. He had lost weight, felt good, looked younger. Finally, Gerard went to Hippocrates. His cholesterol was also 360 when he started. lt dropped to 181. He felt better, too.

Gerard is now 35 and Larry, 36. They go to Hippocrates several times a year and just took their parents for the first time. The Aliseo brothers are genetically predisposed toward heart attack their  father had his first one at 53, and Gerard makes the point that they got theirs 20 years earlier than they should have, reflecting the deteriorating health of his generation of Americans.

Larry says that his outlook is completely different. He is completely off medication. His doctor couldn’t justify keeping him on anymore with his radiant health.

Although they are still in the family businesses, Larry says he doesn‘t go to work in the morning until his body is taken care of. He goes in a relaxed way. He recently bought a juicer for the office, and is advertising for a vegetarian secretary who will juice as part of the job description. He and Gerard ride their bicycles together eight miles a day.

‘My life is totally different. I’ve turned a lot of people on to this way of life,’ says Larry. “People just see me and ask what happened. l was reckless before. l want to be around for my kids.”

Larry is becoming involved in teaching children about the Hippocrates way. “They’re the ones who need it l think of how much earlier we had our heart attacks than our dad did. Will my son have a heart attack in his twenties? Kids need to know so that they can turn things around.”

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Healed from Stage Four Cancer Twice Heart Attack