Welcome  to  the  Hippocrates  Health  Educator  Program

Dear  Applicant,

Congratulations on inviting the possibility of this incredibly transforming program into your life! This is perhaps the most exciting time for you to consider becoming a certified Health  Educator; our world is in need of people like you that are committed to creating optimum health for yourself and helping others do the same. If this sounds like you, then you have found the right program. For more than 40 years, the Hippocrates Living Foods Lifestyle has helped hundreds of thousands of people regain their health, renew their lives, and reconnect with themselves in a powerful and transformational way.

The Hippocrates Health Educator Program will assist you in this. Graduates from more than 25 countries represent the increasing global interest in health and healing, and we are enrolling more students than ever. The Hippocrates Health Educator program is an intensive exploration of the living foods lifestyle, and is the most extensive course of its kind in the world. Successful completion of the program will provide you with the tools to enhance your life and career, and the confidence to fulfill your dreams. Some students use this experience as a catalyst into a new career and life, others are here to develop a more intimate relationship with themselves in relation to the world around us; many are here for both.

For whatever reason you decide to attend, you can feel confident that this program will go beyond your expectations as a learning experience, and will open new doors for a rich and rewarding, joyful life for you. Space is limited, so I encourage you to return your application as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I wish you much joy and clarity in your decision.

Thank  you,

Brian Clement Ph.D, L.N.
Hippocrates  Health  Institute



Hippocrates Health Educator Certification Program Requirements

We at the Hippocrates Health Educator Program are pleased that you will be taking the time to look over our admission requirements. Hippocrates Health Educator Program has the following general admission requirements for all Health Educator related programs.


All applicants into the Hippocrates Health Educator Program must complete and submit the following:

  • Application
  • 100 Word Essay
  • $100 Non-­‐refundable Application Processing Fee
Pay Processing Fee Now

Completed applications will be reviewed for admission.


Applicants who are approved into the Hippocrates Health Educator Program will receive an acceptance letter.

This letter which is due within 14 days of receipt includes:

  • Terms and details of the program
  • Signature of acceptance
  • 50% of tuition cost


Once your completed application, essay, acceptance form and appropriate fees have been received, your admission into the Hippocrates Health Educator Program will be complete, your space will be confirmed and you will receive an Admission Packet. This packet is to be completed and brought with you to registration.

Thank you again for your interest in our internationally acclaimed Health Educator Program.



1466 Hippocrates Way, West Palm Beach, Florida 33411 USA


Tel: 561-­‐471-­‐8876 (extension 2110)

Toll Free: 800-­‐842-­‐2125 (extension 2110)

Fax: 561-­‐828-­‐8271


General Information


Date of Application:
Name (required):
Address (required):
City (required):
State (required):
Zip (required):
Phone Numbers: Home Work Cell Other
Email (required):
Website (if applicable):
Applicant’s date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY):
Applicants gender:MaleFemale
Marital status:
Number of children and ages:
Current occupation:
How long at job:
Name of person to contact in an emergency:
Emergency contacts Daytime phone: Evening phone:
1. How did you hear of the Hippocrates Health Educator Program?
2. If referred by someone, what is their full name?
3. Have you stayed at Hippocrates before?
If yes, for how long and when?
4. Health Educator Session Preference

5. Please specify Program Option preference:

9 weeks HED dates applying to attend: to

3* weeks LTP* dates applying to attend: to
6 weeks HED dates applying to attend: to

*Please contact the LTP Program Consultants to reserve your 3 week FULL Life Transformation Program at programconsultants@hippocratesinst.org or 561.471.8876 ext. 2177

6 weeks HED dates applying to attend: to
3 weeks LTP that you attended:

Medical History

6. Current overall health status:
Please explain if fair or poor:
7. Are you currently seeking medical attention?
If yes, please list reasons here:
8. Are you currently taking any medications of any kind?


If yes, please list name of pharmaceutical, dosage and reasons for use:
9. Are you currently seeking psychiatric care or under the care of a psychologist?
If yes, please list the reason why and name, address and phone number of doctor or therapist:

10. Have you experienced any of the following in the past year or are you currently experiencing any of the following? (Please check your response. If yes, list the reason in the space that follows.)

a. Depression?
b. Fatigue or exhaustion?
c. Do you have any known food allergies?
d. Do you have any special considerations or needs?
If answering yes, please share how the Health Educator Program faculty can support your needs and considerations during your enrollment.

Lifestyle History

11. How long have you been interested in the subject of nutritional health?
12. Does your family support you in pursuing a healthy lifestyle?
13. Do you have a network of friends who are currently supporting you in pursuing a healthy lifestyle?
14. What kind of diet do you practice regularly? (Do not list vegan if you occasionally consume meat, fish or dairy products). Standard diet including meat, fish, dairyLacto Ovo Vegetarian (including eggs)Vegan (raw and cooked vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits only)Natural Hygiene (vegan using only raw foods)Living foods (vegan with at least 25% sprouts)
15. How often do you exercise? times per week for minutes
16. How do your current health practices reflect commitment to the principals of a healty lifestyle?
17. Subjects of special study or research work:
18. Do you speak a foreign language? If yes, please list:
19. Please list your skills and hobbies:
20. Education and training:

Name and location of school # Years attended Year graduated Major field of study

100 Word Essay

Please describe why you would like to participate in the Hippocrates Health Educator Program.
Do you have a sponsor paying for your expenses?

If yes, ask your sponsor to complete and return the Sponsor Authorization Form here

If choosing bank wire transfer, complete and return the Bank Wire Form here

Before submitting your application, please be sure it is complete with the following information.
Any missing item could delay its review:

1. Completed application form which includes:
general information, medical history, lifestyle history, method of payment and credit card authorization.

2. An autobiographical message in an essay (a minimum of 100 words), highlighting the reasons for your desire to attend the program and your intentions upon receiving your certification.

3. A $100 non-­‐refundable application processing fee.

Pay Processing Fee Now