I had to force myself to go to work and the moment I got home I would fall into bed. All I could think about was how I would do it the next day. In the morning I had far more energy than I did at night so I could function a bit better. This continued year after year. Finally I was blessed with my daughter.

I found it almost impossible to function in the motherly way that I instinctually desired, and I finally realized that the medical profession could not offer me any assistance. I began my voyage in and through the natural and alternative fields, going to naturopaths and homeopaths. I took everything from vitamin therapies which would work for a short time to herbal treatments without much success. Finally, after decades, I was authentically diagnosed as having hepatitis C. Of course 25 years ago nobody knew what that was so we could not fault the original physicians.

Concerned friends called me and told me I must make sure that my diet was organic. To me that meant eating organic meats, fish and poultry. On top of all of that approximately two years ago people very close to me began to leave. The most devastating was when my father passed on. After that I think depression set in with the already lethargic physical condition that I had.

The doctors were concerned about my hepatitis C, and suggested that I take interferon, at a yearly cost of $30,000, which was covered by my insurance, but, in their own words, would not be of any permanent help.

I had to do something so I began acupuncture and Chinese medicine. This made me feel slightly better but not as well as I needed. Finally I found an alternative physician, Dr. Anthony Bazzan, from Jeffersonville, PA, and I began to work with him. When he saw my viral load count he was shocked. It was up to double of what it had been just months before. My liver enzymes were always high over the last few decades and they certainly had not improved.

When Dr. Bazzan asked me how I was eating I expected him to congratulate me when I described my organic steamed vegetables and fish, but he told me it was all wrong. He told me I needed to be on all raw food and he strongly suggested that I attend the Hippocrates Health Institute.

In spite of the poor advice I had received in the past, I began eating a raw food diet. It was hard to do this on my own. I started to go to a local woman who grew wheatgrass, Loretta of Loretta’s Living Foods. I bought a juicer and began mixing this remarkable elixir shortly after I enrolled in the three-week Life Change Program at Hippocrates.

Going to Hippocrates was one of the highlights of my entire life. I was surprised at how much I’ve grown and learned. All of the years of attempts to get well fell short at Hippocrates. I learned how to take responsibility for every aspect of my life, and by doing so I was absolutely healed.

For the first time since I was a young lady my liver enzymes were normal, and my energy level has risen to such a degree that I surprise myself. Before I went to Hippocrates my body was bloated and I was always hungry. I used to have to eat every two hours. As an added bonus I have lost 25 pounds. I cannot suggest strongly enough for those of you suffering with what medicine calls a catastrophic disease, hepatitis, to adapt and enjoy the living foods lifestyle. Of course you must persevere because the only way that we can recover from our disease is by taking personal responsibility to a new level.

I’ve found something I’ve been looking for for so long, and it was so simple, not complicated, and right there all of the time. It is a blessing and I wish all of you the same blessing that I have. Thank you.

Vol 27 Issue 1 page 15


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