Since its creation two years ago, the Hippocrates Ambassador Program has grown to welcome over 500 passionate Hippocrates graduates and health professionals from 31 countries around the world.

Having experienced the power of the 3-week Life Transformation Program, or the 9-week Health Educator Program, who better can represent the benefits of a Living Foods lifestyle better than they?

Nearly everyone who has attended Hippocrates and has made that positive change in their health were told by a friend, family member or colleague about the Institute.

That’s the power of sharing this information; we talk about our own personal experience, and share the tremendous testimonials from our roommates and fellow participants. Touching someone’s life in this manner can literally turn their situation around, from one of fear and discouragement to one of knowledge, hope and empowerment.

If you are a graduate of one of our programs, or a health professional in a related field, please consider joining us!

We offer a simple sign-up procedure and a generous incentive program to thank you for your efforts and outreach.

We also offer our Ambassadors a basic computer data system to help you register anyone you’ve shared the information with, so that if they do call us down the line, we see that you were their first point of contact and you receive credit for it.

Some of our Ambassadors enjoy speaking to groups; from a few people in their living rooms to a crowd at their school or local library. For this we have a beautiful PowerPoint presentation that helps explain the history of Hippocrates, the reasons why we believe that enzymes, organic living food, green juices, wheatgrass, exercise and positive lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in a person’s life as well as for the planet.

Some of our Ambassadors send one person to us, others a few a year, and some have made a career lifestyle choice in becoming an Ambassador while creating Hippocrates educational events and presentations around the globe. We are thrilled with the one life changed, or the many.

There is no cost to join, and no minimum number of people we ask you to refer. Support is always an email or a phone call away.

For details and to request the information package along with an Ambassador Agreement to complete and submit, please contact Linda Frees, Ambassador Coordinator at 561-471-8876 x 2112, or email

We look forward to sharing the gift or health with you!


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