Hippocrates Lifestyle Program (HLP)

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming the best version of yourself!

Whatever the catalyst or health challenges that brought you here… chronic fatigue, disease, stress, depression, emotional or physical pain, being overweight, or just sick and tired of being sick and tired…our mission is to give you the love, guidance, and support you need to help you on your OWN, personal life transformation journey.

We have spent more than six decades structuring the Hippocrates Lifestyle Program, and over tens of thousands of people believe they have healed themselves with ​​​​our powerful and integrative, holistic and alternative healing modalities.

Our Three-Stage Journey is designed to educate, empower and elevate YOU; from your own personal life transformation, to ultimately becoming a fully certified Hippocrates Lifestyle Expert…enabling you to help others reach their own life-transformation goals.

The Hippocrates Lifestyle Program truly is the most comprehensive, powerful, interactive, affordable, educational, holistic and alternative healing wellness program on the planet!

Live. Grow. Give - HLP Program overview:

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Stage 1: Life Transformation Program (LTP)

The Hippocrates Life Transformation Program (LTP) is the world's most comprehensive, natural treatment plan that stimulates and supports the human body's incredible ability to restore wellness through an organic, raw vegan plant-based diet.

Live to thrive.

This three-week tailored program will assist you on a restorative journey as you address your current health challenges and simultaneously strengthen your overall immunity. The program addresses the whole ‘you’, by identifying the root causes of your condition(s).

During your 3-week stay, a qualified and dedicated medical team will work with you to create a tailored protocol and supplement plan to help you reach your desired goals and achieve the highest level of health and wellness, both during your stay, and when you return home.

You will also enjoy the most nutrient-dense raw, plant-based, alkaline, enzyme-rich foods and drinks on the planet, prepared daily and served in our raw vegan educational buffet, along with our green juice and wheat-grass juice (grown and harvested daily from our own greenhouse and organic garden). Additionally, you will learn how to prepare these exiting new raw vegan food delicacies at home.

No matter where you are in your own personal transformation journey, you will be immersed each of the 3 weeks into world-class therapies, offered in a holistic and nurturing environment, within a safe, tropical oasis of 55+ plus lush acres in West Palm Beach, Florida.

And best of all, you will be surrounded by fellow “Hippocrates Transformers” who may be experiencing the same health challenges as you. Every week, we have dozens of graduates who come together to share their personal transformation stories, most of whom develop life-long friendships from their stay here at Hippocrates, and often come back together as alumnae or in groups!

It is truly incredible to witness the immense changes that can be achieved in only three weeks!

If you are ready to transform and improve your health, look and feel younger, increase energy and physical fitness, find emotional and spiritual balance, and discover the latest and most powerful natural healing methods in the world, then take the next step NOW, to becoming your best self!

​​​​Stage 2: Life Transformation Mastery (LTM)

During this 14-day program, you will gain a deeper understanding of the various health and healing modalities and techniques used at the Hippocrates Health Institute, complementing your knowledge from the 3-week Life Transformation Program (LTP).

Grow in depth.

It is also your opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle community and organic culture here at Hippocrates, that has been helping people create powerful health for over 65 years.

With over 60 hours of extensive core content, this program packs an intensive learning experience into two weeks and is catered to guests who have previously attended, or are in the process of finishing, the Hippocrates Life Transformation Program (LTP), or Stage 1 of the Hippocrates Lifestyle Program.

Alongside coaching, consultation and therapy sessions, you will take part in 19 educational classes that will educate you about:

  • Detoxing the mind and body
  • Living and maintaining holistic lifestyle principals
  • Understanding Quantum Biology and how to Influence your own DNA
  • Growing and Preparing living foods, wheat grass and sprouted beans
  • Understanding the power of Light and frequency and how it relates to our vitality
  • Creating raw dishes, snacks and desserts
  • Optimizing your energy input and output
  • The impact of relaxation and stress on our health
  • The impact of hormones, oxygen, phytonutritients and enzymes at a cellular level
  • Cellular structure and how it is impacted by good nutrition
  • What makes an environment healing and how to create it for yourself
  • Learning how to listen to your body and love yourself
  • And much, much more!

With a primary focus on integration and deepening one's relationship to lifestyle choices that sustain health and vitality and foster success and sustainability, the Hippocrates Life Transformation Master Program (LTM) will be offered 4 times per year:


February 16-29

May 17-30

August 9-22

November 1-14

Having experienced for yourself the power of the Hippocrates LTM, you will be in the perfect position to build a more abundant, healthy life with truth, joy and self-love.

And best of all, once you are able to transform and master your own life – emotionally, physically, and spiritually – you will be able to help others to achieve the same.

Take your Hippocrates Lifestyle Learning to the next level… today!

“Completing the program was definitely one of the most significant accomplishments of my life. It was life-changing on so many levels. Healing myself holistically is what originally drew me to Hippocrates, but my strong desire to serve as a knowledgeable and powerful catalyst for positive holistic change and wellness in others drew me to the LTM program. The program exceeded ALL expectations – and some. My becoming a Health Educator is the best gift I could give to my loved ones and humanity!”

B.R. Meeks, Esq., CFE, CIG

“Unbeknownst to my conscious self, I came to Hippocrates, expecting to be fed information, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive instead a little bit of knowledge and a lot of Love and support to go inward and expand the that knowledge in a way that resonated with me. I was taught how to be my own expert. I have grown in confidence, passion, love, and commitment to teaching others how to help themselves. Beautiful experience. Thank You Hippocrates!”

T. Hanson, CHHE: Hippocrates LTM Graduate

Stage 3: Noble Manhattan USA (NM) Coaching

Learn how to empower, stimulate and challenge others to become their best self, and influence a better, happier, healthier world, by becoming a Certified, Accredited Hippocrates Lifestyle, Life Executive & Team Coach. This award winning, accredited coach training program is a collaboration with Noble Manhattan USA - the world-leading, award-winning life coach training company, enabling you to take all that you have learned at Hippocrates, and turn it into a professional career.

Give back.

Just think about. You will love going to work every day, knowing that you are making a difference in someone’s life! You will enjoy access to the same pristine amenities as other Hippocrates guests, such as our raw and living food vegan buffet, green and wheat grass juice, first-class fitness facilities, and beautiful, lush 55+ acre grounds for walking or meditation.

The 4-Day residential coach training days at Hippocrates are- March 6, 7, 8, 9 and are part of a 12-month online, distance learning and coach mentoring program. Day 1 and Day 4 are guided by Europe’s leading Life Coach Trainer- Gerard O’Donovan who has trained over 25,000+ coaches worldwide. Day 4 is a business-building day with Gerard, who has a track record in helping people to achieve financial success as life coaches and doubling or trebling the value of businesses turning over between 1-100million in 2-3 years.

This coach training program is accredited with:

The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (IAPC&M)

International Coach Federation (ICF)

Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM)

The Institute for Leadership and Management (TIL&M)

The International Regulator of Coaching & Mentoring (IRCM)

Become accredited and build a professional career as an Award Winning, Accredited Professional Coach.

This accredited coach training program provides the tools to take what you have already learned, to help, support and coach others.

Best of all, upon graduating from this portion of the program, you will be able to work as an Accredited Hippocrates Health Institute Lifestyle Coach or even build your own business being a Life, Business or Team Coach.


March 3-9*

** Note, if you are interested in attending our NM Coaching Session March 6-9, 2020, you will need to contact us immediately, as there is work to be completed and sent in before you are eligible to attend the residential part of the program (Days 1-4 at Hippocrates).

May 31-June TBC

August 23-29 TBC

November 15-21 TBC

If you would like to participate in both the Hippocrates Life Transformation Mastery Program (LTM) and Noble Manhattan (NM) Coaching Programs, you can attend them back to back.

Don’t wait to enjoy the rest of your life …do what you love and make a difference with what you have learned! Speak to us today and take the next step on YOUR journey to becoming an Accredited Professional Coach.