• Caffeine is toxic. Drinking coffee every day is like constantly drinking slow poison. Here is why:
    • Caffeine is a natural insecticide that the coffee plant produces in order to avoid being eaten by the bugs.
    • Caffeine is a neurotoxin and wears away the myelin sheath on your nerves which will lead to nervousness, headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety and other neurological disorders.
    • Drinking coffee is acid forming which is a potential carcinogenic challenge to the body.
    • Coffee has a diuretic effect on the body which ultimately dehydrates you as your body desperately tries to flush this poison you just drank in an effort to minimize tissue and organ damage.
    • Caffeine creates free radicals.
    • Drinking coffee causes wrinkles and prematurely ages you.

    A healthy alternative to coffee is Teeccino which is a naturally caffeine free, non-acidic, non-bitter herbal coffee substitute. It’s made from organic carob, organic barley, organic chicory, organic Ramon seeds, and natural coffee flavor. Teeccino is good for:

    • Natural energy boost – from nutrients, not stimulants.
    • Heart healthy potassium and soluble fiber.
    • Inulin – naturally from chicory root, supports beneficial microflora that improves digestion, elimination, and intestinal health.
    • Add almond milk and stevia if desired.
    • Available as an all-purpose grind or in single serving bags.

    Another excellent alternative to coffee is Dandy Blend which is also a naturally caffeine free, non-acidic, non-bitter herbal coffee substitute. It’s made from the roots of dandelion, chicory and beets, and the grains of barley and rye.

    • Dandy Blend contains over 50 trace minerals in each cup, most of which the body uses to help synthesize compounds needed in metabolism.
    • Dandy Blend is the only instant coffee alternative in the United States that contains dandelion root. To Americans, dandelion may be considered a weed, but to people all over the world it is a valued vegetable and highly respected herbal medicine. It is one of the top six herbs in the Chinese medicine chest.
    • Dandy Blend is gluten free. Gluten, which is comprised of proteins that are not water-soluble, is left behind in the grounds to be composted during the extracting process, leaving Dandy Blend gluten-free.

    Coffee is highly addictive and you may experience some discomfort if you try to quit cold turkey. It is a good idea to wean yourself off of coffee slowly in order to minimize the discomfort of the withdrawal effect. You can easily kick the Caffeine Habit in just Two Weeks! Begin brewing ¾ coffee to ¼ Teeccino or Dandy Blend. Gradually decrease coffee and increase Teeccino or Dandy Blend over a two week period until you are caffeine free! You can find Teeccino at The Hippocrates store, and Dandy Blend at Whole Foods, and some natural health food stores.

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