There’s such a buzz about Hyperbaric O2 Therapy! At Hippocrates Health Institute you don’t need to be a star athlete or a celebrity to reap the benefits of a state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamber. Hyperbaric O2 therapy is a safe and effective way to Super-oxygenate all the cells in the body.

How can this therapy help me?

Hyperbaric O2 Therapy has been researched to help some types of neurologic conditions, cardio-vascular conditions, better post-operative and wound healing, post-infections, post-workout, and beneficial in helping slow the aging process.

How long is the therapy?

The therapy itself is approximately 45 minutes in length so it will be perfect for you to fit in during your lunch hour!

How do I get started?

Call us to make an appointment for an evaluation. Your service will cost $150 and you will be in the hands of our highly skilled medical team while you are on property. We are located at 1466 Hippocrates Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33480.

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