In our present culture, we have deviated from living sensibly, especially where nourishment is concerned. The foundation of many Western diets is fast food, which merely appears to meet our nutritional needs, physically and emotionally. Not only do fast-foods lack nourishment but they also often contain harmful ingredients and go through toxic processes including radiation. Let’s take ice cream as an example.

In the past, although far from a health food, ice cream was made of whole eggs, milk and sugar cranked out at home as an occasional treat. However, in today’s synthetic era, this “fun” food is, in reality, a poison. Appallingly, manufacturers are not required by law to list the additives used in ice cream and consequently, most contain some pretty surprising and unhealthy ingredients.

Diethyl Glycol A cheap chemical used as an emulsifier instead of eggs; the same chemical used in anti-freeze and pain removers.

Piperonal Used instead of vanilla; it’s also a chemical used to kill lice.

Aldehyde C 17 Flavors cherry ice cream and is an inflammable liquid in aniline dyes, plastics and rubber materials.

Ethyl Acetate Gives ice cream a pineapple flavor and is also used in leather cleaners ~ its vapors have been know to cause chronic organ damage.

Butyl Aldehyde For nut flavoring in ice creams; it is also an ingredient of rubber cement.

Acryl Acetate For banana flavoring; it is also a paint solvent.

Benzyl Acetate For strawberry flavor; it is also a nitrate solvent.

As an alternative fun food to beat the summer heat, try adding fun things like raw coconut, walnuts or fresh fruit to Hippocrates, frozen banana ice cream Excerpted from “Hippocrates Health Program” by Brian Clement.Vol 24 Issue 3 Page 6


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