Imagine being an innocent, nine year old girl, snuggled into their bed and sleeping soundly. Suddenly, you are awakened in the middle of the night with what seems to be bright, white shooting stars going off in your forehead – eyes wide open! You don’t have the ability to shut the experience off, so you accept what seems to go on forever, when indeed, the event is clearly only a moment in time. Just as it began without warning, the star shower settles suddenly to a halt and you are left in the darkness, a little surprised and wondering what really just happened! You turn over in your bed; close your eyes (which have now readjusted) and pull the covers up over your head praying that you can go back to sleep. You try to stay still making believe what you just experienced never really happened!

When looking from the outside in, growing up in my family was considered normal by all measures. Looking deeper however and experiencing it firsthand, it was just the opposite! There were lots of various “supernatural” events our family of 5 experienced. I don’t think we ever really talked about it; but we all knew that they happened; both memorable and distinctly different events for each of us!

There was a time when a glass went flying off the table in our living room for no apparent reason. Nobody was sitting in the chair; at least nobody that I could see! Many times I would hear the sound of a large party (and people talking, glasses clinking) going on in the basement when there was no one there! I remember being covered up (when home with a flu) by whom I thought was my mother; yet she was not home at the time. The AM/FM radio would randomly go on in the kitchen; the doors to the black and white TV would be opened every morning though they were securely closed at night! The list goes on and on.

All of these situations made me question why they were happening and being the inquisitive type, I had to find the answers. What some considered “strange” events would consistently occur and I’m sure my mother sometimes hoped that I had a wild streak of creativity and made up things just for the sake of it. I don’t remember telling my parents about most of my experiences as I grew up, but they made a mark on me so much that I can remember the moments in time when they happened; and that those moments changed me forever. My intuition was engaging full force and I had to figure it out where to go from there.

Fast forward many years; I find myself, like some of you, in a place succumbing both consciously and gratefully into fully trusting my own guidance system as a direct outcome of my childhood experiences. How did I get there? It was not without trials and much of the journey was based upon what I trusted to be true for myself; it was my own experience not shared by anyone. I had no formal intuitive training or teaching; but I was able to identify some basics; most likely for my own survival. I knew that to be “open” to receive information and read subtle energy, I had to be clearly connected to something bigger than me. In order to be energetically protected in general, I had to be aware of my own circuit of energy; when to open it and when to close it.

The star shower experience was enough to give me the confidence in the belief of something greater and more powerful than just me. The process of connecting to, what I like to call the Universal highway of information, also had to encompass the experiential component; how could I follow my intuition if someone else was teaching me their process! It was MY intuition so it had to own it. I had to figure out how to “get there” to the all-knowing and readily available Source of information.

Just as I began asking, I had a fully awakened, out of body experience while meditating with a friend one afternoon. My energy shot out from the top of my head directly into the cosmos. As it got “there”, I felt it spread out into this vastness of knowledge that had a specific density, and as soon as I was engaged with the core of this energy, I had all of the answers to the questions that had yet to be asked! I hit the lottery! While there, I was fully aware that I was an individual identity, yet part of the whole of consciousness – “we” were all connected in a sea of energy, yet had individuality and free will. I could feel who I truly was (am) and was fully aware of my fundamental attributes. To say it was a wonderful experience is just not enough. It gave me the knowing that we come from a bigger place; that we are all connected; that we are whole at the origin of Source. I know that we come here with a plethora of gifts and talents to assist us in trusting our most basic instincts.

One idea I have bought into is that muscle has memory; and as you pay more attention to your intuition, it grows stronger. You don’t have to work hard at this and quite the contrary, just like tai chi, you want to flow with the process; just be consistent in acknowledging what you feel and use this as your primary tool to strengthen your guidance system. Learn to quiet your mind and come to that place of stillness called zero point. As you practice honoring yourself and the information that you receive, in a very simple way, you will come into a natural alignment with your own insight.

Finally, I have also discovered that through strengthening my intuition, it has empowered me to make decisions about my own life balance and wellness. Further, it has allowed me to take full ownership of my well-being to a new level along with the practical tools of a healthy diet, attitude and mindfulness practice.  The one thing I know for sure is that the more you trust your intuition; the stronger it will get and the more correct information will flood in. It’s that easy!

Article By Judy Sorenson

Judy is a natural-born intuitive, medium and empath who uses her innate talents to represent the full expression of herself as a creative being living in a vast Universe.


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