An entire range of IV nutrition therapies have been developed that offer people great hope in improving their lives. We have seen that the greatest rationale for IV nutrition therapy is that it is an excellent way to deliver nutrients, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and other important elements to the needed areas. Our intravenous therapies are custom made for your individual needs.

IV Vitamin Therapy for the Improvement of Biological Health

IV vitamin therapy as we practice is firmly based on medical and scientific evidence. It not only includes vitamins, but a wide array of important cell nourishing phytonutriens such as protein, minerals, and hydration. These organic compounds applied intravenously bypass the digestive tract, therefore allowing higher concentrations to be absorbed. This is particularly beneficial for those that require high doses of nutrients.

Linus Pauling in 1968 stated…

All disorders can be in part traced to nutritional deficiency, this Nobel laureate expounded on the benefits of high dose nutrients in the battle of against premature aging. Today’s cutting edge scientists concur with Dr. Pauling as there are continual Landmark studies in the medical literature that further advance our understanding of the significance that nutrition plays in our overall health, well-being, and longevity.