As you know, the cancer societies are telling us that even the commonly used orange juice that has become a household breakfast habit, has an extraordinary anti-cancer effect. Even so, this is not one of the great nutritional juices. If a lesser nutritional juice has this much benefit… can you imagine what the juice of sprouts and wheatgrass do for your body!

Over the years our studies have shown that the juices we should all aspire to drink are the low-sugar varieties and those with large amounts of green chlorophyll. As an example, carrots, with their high fructose, are known for beta-carotenes, whereas broccoli has 4 times more and a broccoli sprout 8-10 times more.

We are also interested in the amount of liquid that everyone consumes each day. We estimate that over 60% of the population is somewhat dehydrated. This is due to the fact that our bodies perspire and evaporate our basic fluid by the pints each day. Even the understanding that a vast proportion of our bodies is water, and a certain level must be maintained, seems not to effect the average person’s consumption. Healthful juice replenishes this needed fuel, and additionally heals and builds the system.

We usually limit the endless scope of judicable foods, by constantly drinking only the most familiar ones. The healthiest and best builders are certainly not among the habitual preferences. It may seem shocking that edible weeds and sprouts are up to 30 times more nutritious and far more oxygen and enzyme-rich than the average fruit juices. We understand that you are not as excited about their consumption as you may be with other more familiar types, but give yourself a chance and allow your juicer to be a vehicle of exploration.

The chart in Volume 18 Issue 1 Page 3 “Juicer’s Guide to Recovery” catalogs most of the familiar and some of the lesser known ingredients for healing with Juice Therapy. In The Juicing Book, Stephen Blauer discusses the juicing potency of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, as well as some of the very beneficial wild ‘weeds’ such as Purslane and Lamb’s-Quarters; when to collect them, and how to juice them. Every aspect of juice therapy is fully explored, including choosing a juicer, designing a juice program, fasting, and fresh juice recipes. We have found this to be an excellent reference.

Vol 18 Issue 1 page 1


Juices-One Easy Thing Kick the Sugar Habit