Experience an extraordinary non-invasive system for body and facial contouring. The cutting edge JuVa Shape technology is new to the USA, and fully FDA approved. During your session the JuVa Shape will melt and destroy fat cells and deliver them through lymphatic system out of the body. Through this method the fat is not relocated like similarly marketed devices. It is awesome to finish with our Radio Frequency to tone, tighten and reshape the body.

Smooth Walkin’

Increase your confidence in the places that matter to YOU. Our service can help reduce the appearance of cellulite on your legs and wherever you want to tighten up and smooth out.

The Ultimate Contour

In only one treatment there can be a difference. It can be used almost anywhere on the body, the most popular is the neck and jawls to help eliminate a double chin also on the abdomen and thighs.

Ready to reshape?

Call us to make an appointment. Pricing starts at $300 depending on the area of focus. We are located at 1466 Hippocrates Way, West Palm Beach, FL 33480.

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