3 Tips to Build a Healthy Holiday Plate

20 Nov 2015
Author: Lindsay Johnson
Read time: 2 min
Category: Archive

Allow a new, healthier you to start today. Here are some easy tips that anyone can follow to build a healthier plate this holiday season.

Plate Raw Veggies First: During the holidays there is an influx of heavy, fatty, cooked items. Find whatever raw veggies are available and plate those first. Take up more space with healthier items and leave less room for indulgent choices.

Bring a Healthy Side: Contribute to the festivities with a healthy side option. Focus on sprouted grains, nuts, or root vegetables such as sweet potato and ditch the added oils and sugars. Hint: Make sure to put a little extra on your plate!

Avoid Empty Calories: White flour and sugar will be sure to leave you with a “food hangover” tomorrow. Stick with green or colorful plant-based foods that are rich in nutrients. Finish your meal feeling motivated to pursue more than just the couch the next day.

Most importantly remember the holidays are not all about food. Eat less, talk more, and invest your time into meaningful moments with family and friends. We promise you will revisit these memories more fondly than that mysterious meat pie.

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