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14 Dec 2016
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Harvard/MIT trained physician finds blood pressure solution at Hippocrates Event.

At the end of September 2016, Hippocrates sponsored their semi annual Doctor Days event. Over 30 health professionals and staff attended the event which educates and introduces to them the Hippocrates lifestyle. Little did one attendee realize, that his life would be dramatically impacted in ways he didn't anticipate.

Presenters from the HHI faculty, as well as invited guest lecturers share dietary , lifestyle, and other breakthrough research and information during the 3 day event. Highlighting the experience was lectures from Viktoras Kulvinskas, Brian and Anna Maria Clement.

This year one of the event sponsors shared the breakthrough information about dual pathway nitric oxide, one of the body's most powerful antioxidants. Brian spoke of the benefits of nitric oxide to deliver blood, nutrient absorption,  fight inflammation, increase libido, and help with vascular and lymphatic health. At the conference Brian announced the collaborative effort of Hippocrates nutrition in developing an all naturally occurring nitric oxide formulation which was introduced to the attendees of the conference.

John Hewlett, the formulator, presented the product science, and formula details that led to the development of Cardio Miracle Vegan. Many of the attendees immediately wanted to try the formula, with the research on nitric oxide having been awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine nearly 20 years ago, for cardiovascular and diabetic benefits,  and having over a 100,000 medical articles and clinical results having been published during that time.

Dr Joshua Helman, attending the Hippocrates campus for the first time as a decade long committed  Vegan, was so interested in the formula that after doing some significant research, ordered the product to put it to his personal test, bringing his decade long battle with elevated blood pressure under control. Dr Helman graduated with honors in Bio Chemistry from Rutgers and Harvard, then received a dual Medical Degree with honors from a Harvard/MIT special program.  Although he had followed a strict vegan dietary guidelines, when Dr Helman took the nitric oxide supplement twice a day, he wrote, "My blood pressure has been a major concern in my quest for excellent health. As an Emergency Room physician traveling all over the country, mostly on 12 hour shifts, it had been significantly elevated, despite trying numerous medications with minimal results over the past decade. Nothing seemed to work. Within three weeks on the Cardio Miracle Vegan formula, taken twice a day, my blood pressure dropped to normal, without medication.  I was so grateful to learn of this amazing product at Hippocrates, and am already recommending it to others. I guess I can say that I learned something really important at Hippocrates that I didn't learn in the Harvard /MIT curriculum. Dr. Days was a major health breakthrough for me, and I'll always be grateful that I decided at the last minute to attend."

What the Hippocrates experts are saying about Cardio Miracle:

Viktoras Kulvinskas wrote,  " The newly formulated Cardio Miracle Vegan should be one of the cornerstone of everyone's quality supplementation. I wholeheartedly endorse it!"

Brian Clement wrote," Cardio Miracle Vegan is an amazing libido formulation, along with taking nitric oxide supplementation to a level never before approached. We are delighted to have had an influence on its development."

Dr. Joseph Prendergast, Retired Endocrinologist Palo Alto and nitric oxide expert said, "I helped formulate and test in my office several nitric oxide formulas on thousands of patients over the past decade. I now buy and take Cardio Miracle daily for my personal use.  In my opinion it is the finest nitric oxide product ever formulated in the marketplace."

Hippocrates is pleased to share this wonderful nutritional delivery and totally ingredient scrutinized formula on the HHI website, or in the store. It also can be found and at www.cardiomiracle.com/HHI  

An additional article appeared  in , Healing our World Volume 36 Issue 4 Pages 54-55

As the testimonials keep coming in, we will be sharing them with the Hippocrates advocates and family. Happy Holidays and great health wishes for the New Year.

Interested in trying it out for yourself? You can purchase here.

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