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29 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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The first discovery is Phenylethylamine (PEA), which is a natural compound, produced by the human brain and is responsible for the relaxation response experienced with pleasure and mental awareness. As an example, PEA is released in the brain when one experiences a feeling of love and joy, for this reason it is often referred to as “the molecule of love”. In the scientific community it is looked at as the most significant mood elevator. Most people suffering from depression and other related illness are lacking PEA. Blue green algae contain high quality amounts of this natural compound. Through a low heat enzyme maintaining process this natural chemistry has been extracted and now comes in the form of a new LifeGive product named “PHYCOMIN”. We have recently been utilizing this remarkable algae based supplement for those with brain-based problems, everything from memory loss to dyslexia to hyper-activity, depression and beyond. There has been consistent positive reports coming from those who consume this powerful brain-building agent. We are proud to add this to the living arsenal we use in promoting human health.

Inflammation and the pain it causes is a rapidly increasing concern in health care today. Everything from fibromyalgia to diabetic neuropathy, and onward to the common injuries such as disc problems, sports injuries, etc., have created a large need for a no-side effects anti-inflammatory. Blue-green algae contains the highest concentration of phycocyanin which is the active agent in reducing the COX-2 inhibitor enzyme, often the main cause of inflammation and all of its array of problematic affects. Hippocrates has been utilizing “APHANIN” which contains this buster for infected tissue and for the pain it causes. One report after another is coming in from our guests and alumnus who have been using it, often calling it “this miraculous algae”. We must concur that in all the years we have been utilizing supplementation to expeditiously help bring about healing in this area, there has been no greater effect that the one we are finding from “APHANIN”.

Over the last two years since we have fully utilized LifeGive Live, the frozen blue-green algae supplement, we have determined there is approximately a forty percent increase in potency and effect for the user over dried algae. Unless we live in the bubble of some carefree tropical paradise, living in today’s complex world challenges our immune system every moment. Even if we eat a high percentage of living foods, we still have to deal with the immune lowering effects of air-borne chemicals, negative emotional/mental states and job-related stress. Hippocrates Health Institute’s LifeGive Live Liquid reduces the damaging effects of these life-robbing stressors.

LifeGive Live has only one ingredient – 100% liquid AFA algae selectively harvested from Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon. Unlike freeze or air-dried powdered algae, LifeGive Live retains its energy-giving living water, making it the world’s first and only 100% liquid AFA algae.

The immune-bolstering effects of AFA algae have been documented in a double blind study conducted at Royal Victoria Hospital in Canada. Scientists found that two hours after consuming AFA algae, 40% (one billion) of the immune system’s natural killer cells migrated from the blood stream into the tissues to do their work of seeking out and destroying cancerous and virally infected cell. No other food, drug or substance yet tested has produced such dramatically positive effects on natural killer cell activity as AFA algae.

Below are some of the amazing attributes of LifeGive Live:

LifeGive Live is a 100% reliable, non-animal source of hard to find human active Vitamin B-12.

LifeGive Live is a pre-digested food, which is 98% assimilated, even for those who have serious digestive problems. Former HHI guest David Robatcek writes: “I realized the power of this super food when, due to an undiagnosed gastrointestinal problem, I was unable to eat. The only food I could keep down was LifeGive Live. I lived completely on LifeGive Live and water for almost two months. Amazingly, I lost only six pounds. Whatever nutrients are in LifeGive Live literally kept me alive and saved my life. I’ve now changed my lifestyle and eat only organic living foods and LifeGive Live. I can honestly say that I feel better than ever before.”

LifeGive Live is one of the highest foods in chlorophyll, which increases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. This translates into more energy and improved performance. Grant Hackett, 2000 Olympic Gold Medal swimmer testifies: “Two months before the Olympics, I started eating this incredible algae super food. Since then, I’ve noticed my recovery time is so much quicker than before. I have a lot more energy and endurance, and it’s easier to concentrate.”

LifeGive Live is rich in the biochemical building blocks, which create brain neuro-hormones. LifeGive Live is the only micro-algae, which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier to directly nourish the brain. Increased mental focus and concentration is the result. Lorene Otto, the mother of a hyperactively challenged child, tells of his miraculous recovery: “My 12 year old son Jared was hyperactive since the day he was born. Doctors put him on the drug Ritalin but it made him like a zombie. We started slowly with the algae and on the third day, we finally saw an unmistakable improvement in his ability to concentrate that has only improved over time. Jared’s grades are now up to 80 and we’re all very happy, knowing Jared has a bright future ahead of him.”

LifeGive Live is high in beta-carotene, which reduces free radical formation caused by pollution, radiation and toxic chemicals.

LifeGive Live is a near perfect ratio of almost every vitamin and mineral we need to be healthy and possesses every trace mineral known to science. Trace minerals are essential for metabolic reactions and enzyme formation.

LifeGive Live is a wild-grown food with its living water still present; it has an extremely high life-force activity and enzyme activity. When dried, AFA algae loses some of its inherent vitality.

Similar to the wisdom of taking extra enzymes even though you may already eat an excellent diet, LifeGive Live is a super food, which deserves an important place in your dietary intake.

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