Autism Month

31 Mar 2016
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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With all that we have to think about in our busy and stressful lives, we often neglect the future catastrophic trends that may or may not affect our families as well as all of humanity.

2025 will be the threshold year leading authorities to believe that 50% of the children born in the developed world will have some level of Autism. This not only impairs the lives of these precious individuals, but as they matures, their difficulties will place an impossible burden on societies, economies as well as the world’s productivities.

As the mainstream Autistic societies squander time researching cause and effect, we are not dealing with the obvious and demanding immediate action.

Autism comes from chemicals: heavy metals and other noxious man created pollutants. We here at Hippocrates petition you to take responsibility for your life and protect your family and friends by making common sense environmentally sound lifestyle choice.

Be informed by reading the works by Dr.Seneff, MIT as well as the book by Robert F Kennedy Thimerosal, and others. With such alarming statistics; it appears within a short time all of families will be touched by this brain altering plague. We have worked with many since 1956 who have dramatically and dynamically altered the course of this multiple symptoms disease.

Be strong and live fruitfully.

Anna Maria and Brian Clement

*Please check YouTube for the Autism programs we have conducted here at Hippocrates

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