Community: The Heart of Humanity

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Here in the West and specifically the United States we received a wake-up call in the later part of 2001. Our loosely developing culture was vulnerable through the anger and disdain that others had for us. How shocking this was to think that this effortless existence, which we all live, was not as secure and solid as we had believed. Was it due to our egocentric lifestyle of mass consumption and little to no consideration for others in the world community? Or could it be that we were perfect and an evil madman and his troops were attacking our pure and perfect way of life? Think for a minute and ask yourself if the message may be that not only do we have to strengthen our immediate community but we must open this community to every man, woman and child on the earth. Good guy, bad guy mentalities should have ridden into the sunset with great figureheads such as John Wayne. Our ever increasing interdependency, like it or not, is, and will further govern, our lives as they proceed into the 21st century.

There is never justification for brutal and thoughtless acts of terror and violence. There is also never a time when we should not consider all residents of this planet as members of the world community. Our need for creature comfort in the West has the ill fed, vaguely housed and clothed of the world angry. Their level of self-esteem is probably even lower than ours here in Prosperity ville. This lack breeds separation, prejudice and hatred. You and they can only build your understanding and compassion for others by doing so for yourself. This allows you to become a contributor to the community of man.

We must work hard in our governments, synagogues, churches, temples and mosques to dispense this paramount information about raising oneself to raise planetary community. It is no longer good enough to say that we are perfect and that it is only the “bad guys” that cause pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is from inside of our inadequate confidence and lacking integrity. Together we can, most definitely, raise the level of cooperation and harmony on this earth. Your participation is individual evolutionary development in spirit, mind and body. This acceptance of responsibility for your own life, and the way you think, the way you eat and the way you relate in spirit to your environment and all others is the heart of your contribution to developing a strong, permanent and spirited planetary community.

Come out from behind your keyboards and transistor monitors to look into the eyes of your fellow humans. You may find them to be more entertaining and stimulating than the plastic-like creations projected on your screens. These fellow residents of earth actually have opinions, beliefs and contributions. They may not always agree with you, or look like you, or speak the same language, but they understand more about you than you would think. Participate in all positive building activities with others and you will build your character along with that of the human race.

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