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1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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In toxicology-tests, fluoride has been determined to be as poisonous as cyanide. That is why containers of fluoride-toothpaste state that, if a child consumes more than an amount that fits on a toothbrush, a poison-control center must be called immediately. Low concentrations of fluoride­powder have been commonly-used as a pesticide to combat chicken-lice, to preserve important papers from being destroyed by insects, and as rat-killer. However, because of the toxicity-level of fluoride, such uses are no longer allowed; however, they are still are included in most toothpaste­formulas that are not specifically-labeled, "fluoride-free".

Good reasons to Avoid Fluoride*

  1. Fluoride has never received FDA approval, because it does not meet the legal requirements of safety and effectiveness for such approval.
  2. Fluorides are used in biochemistry-laboratories to stop enzyme-activity; fluoride has the same enzyme-inactivation effect in the human body.
  3. The chemicals used for fluoridation are byproducts of the manufacture of aluminum and fertilizer; they contain a high concentration of toxins and    heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and chromium, all proven carcinogens.
  4. Fluoride is a drug-active substance that is unrelated to water purification .
  5. Medical research shows that hip-fractures are 20-40% higher in fluoridated communities.
  6. Fluorosis is a permanent malformation of tooth-enamel; it is characterized by discoloration and brittleness. Fluorosis is also reflected in X-rayed bone-structure, revealing abnormal bone­structure in children with dental fluorosis.
  7. Normal water-filtration systems do not eliminate fluoride. Only specific, high end filters or
  8. distillation-systems eliminate fluoridated water.
    Source: Health Action Network

    The Pollution-Solution: What is substance-f??? The problem:

    The United States is facing a multi-billion dollar-per-year pollution-problem. Substance-f is so chemically-active that it readily eats through stainless steel, glass and plastic. If it is placed full-strength into a land fill, it eats through any facility that is used to contain it. The only vessel in which it can be transported is a truck with a one-inch-thick neoprene-rubber-lined bladder, which will be almost obliterated by substance-f by the time that it reaches its destination. Substance-f readily-absorbs lead from lead-lined tanks used for storage. In fact, it can eat through a one-inch­thick plate of lead in less than two weeks.

    Substance-f is a byproduct of the fertilizer-munitions, aluminum and uranium industry. Millions of pounds of it are produced each year; unfortunately, there is nowhere to store it and no safe, reliable method of decontaminating it.

    The solution:

    As a senior scientist working on the concentration of uranium for the secret atomic-bomb project during and after World War II, Dr. Harold Hodge was faced with a dangerous accumulation of this substance-f as the United States entered the arms-race. His workers were dying at a frightening rate, most of them with brain-damage. One area of New Jersey (well-know for its fruit- and dairy- production), which was downwind of a secret factory, suffered total crop-failures, human sickness and animal deaths. Once substance-f was identified and its extreme toxicity discovered, its disposal was recognized as a serious problem. Lawsuits were initiated by those who had been affected by it, and governmental functionaries became worried about how to dispose of substance-f without causing a public outcry.

    Dr. Hodge researched areas of the United States that had naturally· high levels of substance·f. He found a community In Texas that had high levels of substance-f, as well as healthy people and many other minerals In Its water·supply. With no additional analysis, he proclaimed a correlation between health and substance·f. Soon thereafter, the government facilitated Industry-control of substance-f by insulating it from the regulations that control food·levels and placing control of it in the hand of the Public Health Service (PHS). The ten-appointed head of the PHS, Oscar Ewing, Was formally chef counsel for the Aluminum Company of America! substance-f is a waste-product of the Aluminum Industry.

    As you might have guessed, substance-f if FLUORIDE.

    The pollution-solution is dilution: Trickle fluoride into the water-supply and allow mankind to become the human filter of this deadly chemical.

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