Detoxification and Cleansing

31 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Many participants that I met at the Institute had serious illnesses, and were at Hippocrates to recover from disease through learning and practicing the Hippocrates lifestyle. I remember meeting a lady, Alice, who had diabetes and was in a wheelchair because of a severe circulation problem in her leg. Alice chose to come to Hippocrates because her doctor at home told her that she required an amputation. Well, over the course of three weeks, her circulation problem cleared up so much so that she was able to walk again and lead a normal life! Had I not witnessed Alice’s healing and recovery, I would not have believed that this was possible.

My primary goal in attending the program was to learn how to thoroughly detoxify my body, purify my mind and transform the quality of my life, all while relaxing in a peaceful and sub-tropical environment. At first, I found it overwhelming and the lifestyle changes challenging. But, as I immersed myself fully in nearly everything that the Institute offers including wheatgrass and juice therapies, delicious organic living foods with an emphasis on sprouts, colon cleanses, electromagnetic therapies, a wide range of very informative, empowering lectures, and exercise classes it become much easier. I also enjoyed Nia classes, jumping on the trampoline, meditation and yoga, and used the ozonated pools and the far-infrared sauna frequently. Every day was packed with new discoveries accompanied by experiencing cutting-edge modalities for healing the mind and body naturally. At the end of three weeks, I felt energized, empowered and transformed into a new person.

Since then, my eyesight has improved and I find that it is much easier to maintain my ideal weight. My participation in the Life Transformation Program was one of my most rewarding experiences, equivalent to another highlight of my life – participating as a gymnast in the XIVth Olympiad in London in 1948. Just like an athlete does whatever it takes to be his/her best in the pursuit to become an Olympian and compete in the Olympic arena, the Directors of the Hippocrates Health Institute and their staff do whatever it takes to be the world’s best in helping people to regain wholeness and the joy of living. I believe that everyone who treasures life will find a goldmine of wellness at the Hippocrates Health Institute.

Vol 24 Issue 4 page 17

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