Diet-Weight Management Supplemental Products

28 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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1 . Salute Aloe:

For digestion and alkalinity, which helps with fat Metabolism.

2. Ness #5 :

An enzyme that works on body fat without stimulating thenervous system or affecting the adrenals, as do most O.F.C. diet formulas.

3. Ness #18:

Works on Fat in food. Keeps body from absorbing fat.

4. LifeGive HHI-zymes:

One of the highest potencies on the market today. A multiple enzyme formula for digestion of food as well as alkaline to the body.

5. Kelp:

A seaweed which contains iodine which nourishes the thyroid gland for metabolism.

6. Laminaria:

Asian herbs that regulate the thyroid.

7. LifeGive Chlorella:

A single celled algae used for sugar cravings, a glucose balancer as well as for that down time in the afternoon. Chlorella balances and energizes the body supplying Absorbable protein.

8. Magnetic Insoles:

Used inside shoes when worn daily they have a stimulating property to the circulation. Many people have lost weight or maintain their weight through their use.

9. Skin Brushing:

With a natural fiber brush is stimulating to the lymphatic system, which in turn the skin removes toxins from the body, helping in weight management when used daily.

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