Energy Matters!

1 Dec 2015
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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As humans, we are all aware of our complex physical body with cells, tissues and organs all linked and synchronized to create the vehicle through which we live our life. We are also complex energy beings, and the energy of the environment that surrounds us each moment contributes significantly to our health, wellbeing and engagement.

For example, when we step into a place that is “sacred”, we feel uplifted and inspired. Conversely, when we confront a situation fraught with pain, anger and fear, we often feel ourselves being bombarded and affected deep within our core.

The energetic systems of the body exist whether we are aware of them or not, and their “health” affects every aspect of our lives. These systems include the Energy Meridians of Chinese Medicine, the Chakras of the Ayurvedic Medicine, the Aura which is an egg shaped ball of energy that surrounds and protects us, and a Basic Grid that forms the foundation upon which all other energetic systems depend. In fact, Donna Eden in her highly acclaimed book, Energy Medicine describes nine energetic systems of the body.

As we take care of our physical body on a daily basis, it is equally important to take care of our energy bodies. Simply being aware of the existence and importance of our energetic selves is a vital first step… being aware that ENERGY MATTERS,  invites us on a life-long journey to learn more.

Barbara Evans will be leading an inspiring, experiential one-day workshop, The Art of Connection… A Day of Discovery and Wellbeing, at Hippocrates Health Institute on Saturday, December 5th: 10 AM-5PM. Come and discover why ENERGY does indeed MATTER!

Barbara is founder of Crystal Wings Healing Art and The Art of Raising Frequency… a new energy healing approach fast becoming recognized by Healing Centers worldwide as a powerful addition to the self-care toolbox.

The Art of Connection… A Day of Discovery and Wellbeing

There is still time to register by

calling today (561) 471-5867

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