Hazardous Household Products

18 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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  1. Aerosol sprays and paint strippers: These may contain methylene chloride, a suspected carcinogen.
  2. Ammonia: This is a powerful toxicant; if mixed with chlorine bleach, it produces deadly chlorine gas.
  3. Carpet Shampoo: It contains a respiratory irritant. Outbreaks of flu like symptoms have frequently been reported after carpet cleaning in day care centers, schools, offices and motels.
  4. Drain, toilet and oven cleaners: These contain sodium hydroxide (lye), a powerful toxin and mucous membrane irritant.
  5. Glue, liquid spot remover, paint and varnish: They frequently contain toluene, a toxin that can cause fatigue, muscle weakness and confusion. When vapors are inhaled, they cause central nervous system depression, psychosis, and liver and kidney damage.
  6. Laundry detergents: These may contain liver damaging chemicals and bleaches that irritate both the lungs and skin.
  7. Many household chemicals are high in organic compounds. These organic chemicals have carbon as a major constituent of their makeup and include halocarbons and hydrocarbons found in petroleum distillates (which make some products flammable). Organic chemicals are linked to cancer and respiratory ailments as well as to nausea and dizziness. High levels of organic compounds are found in aerosols, cleansers, polishes, plastics, paints, varnishes, furnishings, pressed-wood products, and pesticides, among others.

    The best way to minimize exposure to toxic household chemicals is to use the safer alternatives, including the new pure orange products (read the label, some contain hazardous other ingredients). Use Green-Bio-Degradable cleaning products. Protect your family from harmful chemicals by investigating a product before buying it.

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