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1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Linda Frees followed the course and graduated in 2006. A frequent visitor to Hippocrates, she had already attended the 3-week Life Change program, which is a pre-requisite within the 9 weeks. “In every class there are people of every age and from countries around the globe. It was no different in my class where I studied with people from China, Hungary, Brazil, the US, the UK, Quebec and Colombia, as well as folks from the local West Palm Beach neighborhood. It was a great group of people to work and study with.”

“The course gives a solid foundation to build upon depending on our own particular field of interest. We are exposed to various subjects like enzymatic nutrition, living food preparation, sprouting and composting, live-cell microscopy, business and marketing essentials and more. Classes run Monday through Friday, often with group projects or studies over the weekend.”

Some of the students use this 9-week physical and mental makeover as a time to search for information for their personal lives, families and friends, while others have lofty goals of making a bigger impact on people’s health and in the world at large.

Linda still keeps in touch with friends she made during the program and is inspired by their successes. “Someone opened a very successful raw foods restaurant and another has a growing sprout and wheatgrass business. Others have gone on to completed a Naturopath Doctorate combined with the Hippocrates lifestyle teachings, and Kris Carr published her amazing best seller, Crazy Sexy Cancer. Applying the teachings of this life-changing experience can be as diverse, expansive and imaginative as you want to make it!”

Linda used the knowledge she gained to teach classes in sprouting techniques, raw cuisine and positive lifestyle changes. She is now Educational Director at Hippocrates. Her focus is on supporting and developing programs for alumni and is part of the team who puts together the Health Educator program held 3 times per year. She was also awarded the Derrick Brockie Memorial Scholarship for her business project presentation, allowing her to begin production of a DVD series called 1 Easy Thing, a visual program to inspire graduates of the Life Change program as well as to educate those who are new to this lifestyle.

“What I loved about the Health Educator program,” says Linda, “is the fact that it is not just a mass of information to swallow and repeat as all of my other schooling was. The Health Educator program is the beginning of a whole body, mind and spirit makeover, providing the foundation for vital and continued transformation for years to come.”

“During the 9 weeks, our body gets the most electrically charged and nutrient-rich food and juice possible! We share, study, contemplate, detox, unplug, exercise, swim, soak, take saunas, walk the beautiful campus paths and learn firsthand the beauty of this healing program. This is not really something to learn from a book, sitting at a desk or a computer. To share it fully, you have to experience it fully. And here you can.”

Linda sums it up, “Nine weeks of living this lifestyle and training with the experts in this field is enough to convince anyone of the importance of a healing, living foods lifestyle. By the time we graduate, we have experienced the power of it all the way down to our cellular level.”

Vol 29 Issue 4 Page 47

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