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6 Jan 2016
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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As an animal lover, I believe all animals should be allowed to flourish in their natural habitat, with access to healthy food and clean water, and not be hunted or led to extinction by those who inhabit the same areas.  As a pet owner, I believe that I am personally responsible for the health, happiness and longevity of my dogs.  The reciprocal love and affection I am shown by these animals is tenfold what I put into it.   The healing power of the animal/human bond has been documented time after time in those with health challenges, and there is an undeniable special connection between pets and humans during periods of physical, emotional and psychological stress in the life of the human.   Many different animals are used as pet therapy from equine therapies to help those with special needs, to seizure-alert dogs, and to monkeys who help the physically handicapped.

As with humans, animals respond positively to many of the basic tenants of the Hippocrates Lifestyle:  eating the food their bodies are designed for, plenty of exercise, hydration, supplements, good hygiene, positive mental health, and emotional well-being.   In addition, many of the alternative treatments and homeopathic remedies that work well for people, work equally well for your pets.  Pet owners are turning to floral remedies and herbalism more often as treatment for their sick animals.

It is interesting to note that the same debates that take place for human care and well-being, also apply to the well-being of your pet.  Are vaccinations really needed, and what are they not telling us?  Does your pet need meat in their diet, or can they maintain their health on a vegetarian diet?   Is the best water for my pet distilled or spring water?

Most veterinarians agree that far too often, they are seeing pets when they are very sick, many times past the point where they can cure a disease, and rather are left with only the palliative care options.  The best time to see the veterinarian is on an ongoing basis, so the vet will know what the normal behavior for the pet is, and will be able to accurately compare the behaviors of a sick pet.  Don’t be afraid to shop around for a vet you are comfortable with, it may take a few tries before you and your pet both click with the vet and their practice.  Ask about the vet’s background, their training and how they feel about homeopathic and naturopathic animal care.   Find out if you agree on vaccinations, flea and pest control, and nutrition. Healthy pet checks (much like well-baby visits at the pediatrician) are usually inexpensive and will foster a better relationship between your pet, yourself and the veterinarian.

Healthy Pet Manual

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The Healthy Pet Manual, A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, by Deborah Straw – Foreword by Gary Kowalski, author of The Souls of Animals

“In this extraordinary volume, author Deborah Straw offers us one of the finest and most essential tools for providing optimum care to the animals we hold dear.  I can’t thank her enough for that.” – Rita M. Reynolds, author of Blessing the Bridge:  What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying, and the Beyond

The Healthy Pet Manual is a must-read.  This book considers all facets of our pets’ health, including their emotional needs, and thus is a refreshing approach to keeping our four-legged friends healthy.  Two paws up!” – Randy Grim, Author of Miracle Dog, subject of the book The Man Who Talks To Dogs, and founder of Stray Rescue of St. Louis

“Deborah’s The Healthy Pet Manual deals openly with the changing world of animal healthcare including the cause of disease, amazing advances in care and treatment, and costs.  Her insight is valuable for maintaining a healthy pet and provides a lot of transferable insight into human health.” – Matthew “Uncle Matty” Margolis, world-renowned dog trainer and host of the PBS series Woof! It’s a Dog’s Life

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By Tee Wilson

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