26 Jul 2017
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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by Sara L. Bronson

You may have seen heliotropes, a variety of flowers that turn toward the sun. When the heat and light touch them, they open up to receive the energy rather than shrink away from it. The sun is powerful energy. It can warm us, heal us, or burn us, depending on how we relate to it. We could think of the sun as a metaphor for the kinds of powerful energies that occur in our lives. A sudden illness, a geographical move, or an emotional shock are blasts of powerful energy. Each of these can send shockwaves of fear, anger, or emotional turmoil through us.

The energy its self is certainly important: the pain, the move, and the emotional wave. More important than the energy itself, though, is how we relate to the energy. How we relate is indicative of navigating through life and continuing to maintain our vibrancy or succumb and contract to our life's experiences. It's a choice presented to us in many moments of the day and in many experiences both large and small.

Picture yourself and several others lying on your backs on yoga mats. All of you have put yourself in this position voluntarily. In fact, you may have even paid for the privilege of participating in this particular class. As you lie there, to your right, you hear someone making sarcastic remarks as they go through the movements.

You hear complaining with each stretch. It doesn't take long before you begin to relate to them as a Whiner. On your left is the Groaner. She wants everyone to hear how hard she's working, so she makes loud suffering sounds with every body position. Wanting to appear you are enjoying the moment but mostly because of the moaning and groaning, you may become the Stoic. Taking great pride in your ability to appear unaffected, you have learned to wall yourself off from your true feelings and are able endure uncomfortableness without a peep.

Which is better? Is that question what has us make choices that have us 'thinking  our way' through our feelings? Maybe the question is not what we 'think' so much as tuning in to how we 'feel'.  It's how we relate to the energy, in this case, increasing our flexing ability, that may define our personality, our mental dialogue and vibrancy in our physical body. . The way we go toward the energy, or turn away from it, tells us who we are at the core and is a perfect barometer to inform us if we've gotten off course in living life as a conscience creator.

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