Kidney Stones

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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My doctors told me I should follow the Canadian food pyramid, which I attempted for three years. However I was not feeling any better, and I felt discouraged since traditional medicine could not do anything for me. I decided to take the advice of a friend and attend Hippocrates Health Institute. Little did I know that this would permanently change my life and my future.

I realized that if I were to go back to the traditional way I lived I wouldn’t be here very much longer. Of course it was quite difficult for me to adapt to the program since it was completely different from the way I ate, thought, lived, and exercised in the past, but it did not take long to see the remarkable results that transpired.

After just a few weeks something happened. It was like I had passed through some invisible barrier and had come out on the other side. I felt like my body had been born again, that I had reached a level of health that I had never felt before and did not believe existed. My body tingled all over. My mind became very very clear and I’m aware of much more than I’ve ever been in my life. The only way I can describe it is to say that it is so intense that it’s impossible for a person who has not lived this way to understand. Of course like everyone I get the occasional craving for the old non-foods, but my desire for harmony and health is at such a high level it squelches the desire.

I feel like I am floating on air, walking ten feet above the ground. I spend my time, other than work, running, skiing and training effortlessly from five to six days a week. I’ve accomplished things I have never ever dreamed of in my entire life. I have gone from eating standard Canadian and American food to living on a diet consisting exclusively of raw fresh organic vegetarian cuisine - in large quantities of course. Even though this food was completely new to me I enjoyed it immensely and never had such pleasure in dining.

I went back to visit my physicians including one who has been my attending physician and urologist for over 20 years. He was shocked and surprised when he learned I had absolutely no kidney stones or collection of debris in my kidneys. For the first time my uric acid levels were normal. He was in awe. He wanted to see me the next year and he said if it looked that good he wouldn’t need to see me anymore. My other physician, the one who had put me on all of the diabetic and cholesterol medicines, was also completely surprised by my numbers when he learned that my cholesterol was down to average levels and my diabetes no longer required high doses of medication.

I was on my way to complete recovery. I felt intense pleasure from seeing the faces of these allopathic physicians. They both stated that they had never worked with anyone who took responsibility for their lifestyle, including diet and exercise, and brought about their own complete recovery. I’m glad I was the first with this but I hope they now start to suggest the same path for all their other patients.

The intense pleasure of good health just gets stronger all the time. I am finally enjoying my youth for the first time in my life since I have felt like an old man from the time I was a young boy and now, I’ve emerged as an energetic happy individual. I feel so thankful to Brian and Anna Maria Clement and the entire Hippocrates staff for each moment of feeling more and more alive. Doing the Life Change Program is clearly one of the best decisions of my entire life.

Vol 27 Issue 1 page 17

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