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1 Dec 2015
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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When I communicated my instinctive decision of moving from London to Florida, leaving behind my carer as a PR Director in the Luxury Industry, the question I would often have to try to answer was: “ Why an immersion program, why don’t you just do an online course or a weekend workshop in the UK?”

The honest truth is that back in August 2015 I did not know exactly why and how to rationally explain my urge for change. I just had a very strong gut feeling telling me that a Holistic Education was the only right thing to do. I was very open and curious to lean more about the connection between Body, Mind and Soul.

Within minutes of arriving at Hippocrates Health Institute on 14th September 2015, the answer was provided.

The first guest who came to speak to me was a gorgeous and super cool 23 years old girl, who made the decision it was time for her to treat her alcohol, drugs and food addictions and get out of the depression that have been obscuring the light and joy in her life.

She told me “I needed to eliminate the toxins of my body and the toxic people in my life”. For 21 days the young lovely lady stuck to the detox protocols, enjoyed a living foods diet, alternative treatments and benefited from emotional concealing.

This bright and beautiful girl, who has travelled the world, speaks different languages and went to the best university suffered from really low self-esteem. I questioned, how is that possible?

From that moment I realized why an immersive program is the best way of absorbing new information and truly understand the truth to the matter. The learnings from other people’s  challenges and struggles filled me with inspiration and showed me the incredible inner-strength we all carry inside of us. This lesson, I will treasure with me for the rest of my life.

During the Life Transformation program the once “numb and dumb It-Girl” gained a completely new outlook in life. She describes her change so powerful that her old-self would never  believe how amazing she feels now and how much she loves herself.

Week in and out I had the honor of exchanging experiences with the extraordinary team and guests. We have shared genuine happiness, awakening and feel motivated to live life with Greatness.

I am extremely grateful to have spent the time in a safe place to share, learn and grow. It is incredible the love we receive every day and it is very special the connection you develop in a short period of time.

Hippocrates is the beginning of a journey that leads to an extraordinary life, where you are in control to create you own reality.

Much Love,

Natalia Bojanic, graduated Hippocrates Health Educator in November 2015

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