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1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Just five minutes a day, say experts such as Zia Wesley-Hosford, author of The Beautiful Body Book (Bantam), will not only improve circulation and encourage fat cells to shift, but invigorate most of our bodies’ systems. Daily dry brushing is believed to get rid of toxins and ultimately boost energy levels.

Another advocate for dry brush massage is Helene Silver. In her book The Body-Smart System (Bantam), she explains how dry brushing improves overall complexion and makes you look younger and feel better.

“A dry massage opens pores, promotes blood circulation and lymph flow to help your body excrete toxins and invigorates the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings,” says Silver. “Stimulation by dry massage can help enhance immune system functions, promote muscle tone and help break down cellulite.”

Look for a brush made of stiff, natural vegetable bristles, preferably with a long handle so you can reach all body parts. You’ll find an assortment of body brushes at your natural food store.

The Daily Routine

Dry brush massage opens pores and cleanses skin without removing natural oils. Just five minutes each morning can improve the vitality of your skin as well as pleasantly awaken you.

  1. Begin by brushing your hands and fingers in any direction seven or eight times.
  2. Brush in long strokes from the wrist to the elbow, then from the elbow to the shoulder. Brush toward your torso and toward your heart.
  3. Brush across the tops of your toes, then the soles of your feet, toward your ankles. The soles of your feel will eventually get used to the scratchy brush!
  4. Now brush the entire surface of your leg, from ankle to knee, then knee to thigh, remembering to always brush with light upward strokes. Repeat for both legs.
  5. Gently hold the brush against your neck, and keeping it in place, vibrate the bristles. Next, brush down your neck, back and front, and then swing the brush gently across the top of your shoulders.
  6. To stimulate lymphatic circulation, hold the brush under your armpit and rotate it back and forth several times. Repeat on the other armpit. (This is not easy if you are extremely ticklish, but persevere!)
  7. On the front, sides and back of your body, use long sweeping single strokes always upward in the direction of your heart.
  8. To help with ridding cellulite from the tops of your thighs and buttocks, brush upward in circular strokes.
  9. When your five-minute skin brushing routine is complete, shower or bathe in tepid water. Be sure it’s not too hot since your peripheral circulation is already well stimulated. Briskly dry off with a thick towel and apply your favorite natural moisturizer.

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