Millennia Paradigm Shift

6 Jan 2016
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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As we converge in the second half of the second decade of the 21st century many of you have heavy hearts and fear in your minds.  Human migration from the war torn countries of the Middle East is the highest since the 1940’s.  For the first time ever Guerilla warfare has reached our countries in the developed world and governments appear incapable of turning the tide.  Seemingly racism has not been resolved and is alive and well.

Mother Earth is shaking and angry, creating earthquakes, gyrating weather patterns and an overall sense of unsettledness.  South Pacific island nations are being lost as oil industry funded pseudo-scientists and the industries political lap dogs are in denial of Earth’s disharmony.  On the other hand, the worldwide burgeoning public is hungry for progressive changes that will normalize life and create true security.  When our current leaders are beholden to wealth and corporate power, citizenship is looked at as a token matter toy to them.

We must remember that every positive movement has been rooted from individuals and grass root commitment.  We have often seen powerful shifts forward when seemingly unimaginable Cold War fears fell with the disassembling of the wall.  Apartheid was abolished in the voting booths of South Africa, Mother Teresa gave voice to the voiceless and Pope Francis compassionately speaks about God’s acceptance of all no matter who they are.  We are paused to recapture humanity and move forward with the vigor and commitment required to once again establish true virtues, ethics and opportunity.  As individuals, develop your innate strength by unwavering commitment to truth.

When the powers that be attempt to harbor your thoughts and guide them away from your heart, respond with the bravery that you were born with.  There is nothing more powerful than commitment, and commitment will topple the fragile, spineless seduction from the powerless powerbase.  A handful of lost and out of control individuals who use economics as their sword cannot bounce a serious campaign once the mass majority awakens and becomes alive by the self-created inspiration that stems from the beliefs that they are willing to stand up for.  Allow this new beginning to be the start of the world we all deserve to live and flourish in.  We are here for you and stand side by side with our ever growing worldwide community.

With Respect,

Anna Maria and Brian Clement

and the Hippocrates Team

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