Miracles Start at Hippocrates

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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I live in Malibu, California, and my parents live in Palm Beach, Florida, so I went to Hippocrates in the beginning of the year. My sister had previously visited the institute, as well as other people I know. It?s not easy writing about experiences with people you meet at Hippocrates. They come from everywhere, and many are fighting for their lives.

Being at Hippocrates eliminates what is not important and throws me into what is. I learned what matters is our common bond as human beings and the ability to love one another. Everyone matters! We are all connected and need to try and take the time to get to know each other. We are all so delicate!

Raw food, health, meditation, yoga—all these things get us back to our divinity, that otherwise is forgotten in this world.

When I left Hippocrates, amazing people and events came into my life, showing me I have a role to play in making this a better world. Sacred teachings show me to look after the widow, the orphan and the stranger. I have felt like a stranger most of my life, which is probably why I am an actor.

While I was in Dublin, Ireland, I spent time with famous Irish painter Guggi, whose love for humanity and childlike faith shows up in all his paintings. His work is breathtaking!



after, Bono invited me to his last U2 concert in America in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 26, 2011. His support towards Africa, defending those who can not defend themselves, is beyond words! He genuinely wants to help people! Through his example, I now support



Leno has been involved with the "Love Ride" for 27 years, and is the Grand Marshall of this event, which has donated nearly $14 million to children?s charities. It is one of the largest motorcycle charities in the world.

I?ve been involved with the Love Ride as a participant for several years. Peter Fonda and I have lent our names to this year?s event, through public service announcements, to help raise awareness.

This years Love Ride beneficiary is "Autism Speaks." Autism affects one in 110 children. It affects one in 70 boys.



have acted in 17 films to date but realize that most of the films I?ve done have not made an impact in touching people in a real radical, inspirational, moving way. I have three movies set to be released soon & I am waiting on movies in preproduction.

One was recently released through Warner Bros. Digital, a comedy I acted in called Not Another Not Another Movie with Chevy Chase, Burt Reynolds, Vinnie Jones and Michael Madsen. It is available on Video On Demand and DVD.

Laughter is good for the soul!



I act, I also produce films as well. From now on, when I produce a film, there must be a profound message that makes an impact on people. As a filmmaker, I do not want to make films that just fall into a niche with set projections. I want to make noise that paints love into the tapestry of life and can heal. I have nearly finished an inspirational movie I produced and acted in. It is about consciousness and "waking up" and is called Now Here. It even has me eating raw food in the movie!


The bottom line is, miracles start at Hippocrates and then go worldwide!

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