Multiple Cancers / Depression

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Time passed. I reached 50 and realized that I had been slowly dying all my life. I retired early because of health concerns and entered the hospital where they diagnosed me with angioma cancer. The doctors put me on hard drugs and told me not to exercise, which was devastating because I had been very active as a body-builder. They admitted me to a convalescent center where I just watched people die. I realized that these people were dying because of the drugs and the food they were consuming (non-living, cooked food). Also, they were motionless. At that point, I knew I had to heal myself. I went home, but didn’t really know what to do. I was unaware of any alternative ways of taking care of myself and for a while took the medication that the doctors had prescribed.

Then, I began to eat raw food. Even though it was non-organic, I felt a difference. The biggest difference came when I attended a conference held by Brian Clement in Switzerland; I changed my mind and my diet forever.

One month after hearing Brian speak, I landed at the Hippocrates Health Institute. The first weeks were hard; I felt weaker than before I had arrived. I didn’t move much because the doctor had told me not to exercise. Then, after listening to one of Brian’s lectures, I began to exercise. I followed the diet he suggested and received “Magnetotron” treatments. I was able to stop taking three of my four drugs.

Now, after months, I feel more physical and mental strength than ever and have a very positive outlook on life…I am now the architect of my enlightened life. I am more compassionate now and have less anger. After my recovery, it is my desire to share the Hippocrates philosophy and the benefits of eating Living Food with people all over Europe. Thank you for helping me recapture my life!

Vol 23 Issue 3 page 4

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