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1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Over the counter flu and cold medications such as Tylenol, NyQuil andf Theraflu contain acetaminophen. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Naprozen, Aleve, and Excedrin can cause severe liver and kidney toxicity or failure and can potentially lead to accidental overdosing and even death when used in combination with each other with other medications, including prescription medications taken for other health issues. I asked some of the top natural health experts to reveal some of their alternatives to these dangerous medications.

Natalia Rose, C.N. clinical nutritionist and author several detox books says her natural remedy is perhaps unorthodox for many, but nevertheless scientifically sound.

“Prevention means maintaining a clean, highly alkaline internal environment.”

This means vigilantly avoiding foods that do not leave the body easily and only consuming foods which leave the body in a timely manner, namely, a highly alkaline diet of mostly raw vegetable juices, fresh fruits, raw and cooked veggies along with other whole foods. What people don’t realize is that viruses and bacteria need acidic waste matter to feed. A clean body will not harbor rogue microorganisms. The vast majority of people have not been eating a healthy diet and therefore have a large amount of rubbish built up in their system. They are likely to catch and develop just about any virus or bacteria they’re exposed to. Viral and bacterial illnesses develop inside the gut from the micro-organisms that develop from the rubbish itself as it sits putrefying. Think Poltergeist or raw meat left out for several days on the kitchen counter. Once one becomes ill, the best recourse is strengthening the body with rest and sleep, liquids, raw juices and undermining the rogue microbes and the waste they feed on through bowel cleansing via well-administered gravity colonics and enemas.”

Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, recommends a 3-pronged formula to fight the flu. Use sprouted garlic and onion in a green veggie juice ideally or in salads. Also, use raw apple cider vinegar therapeutically - by adding 1 tablespoon to 12 - 16oz. of pure water or green juice.

The herb that is the most effective for the flu is Osha, originally utilized by the Native Americans to treat colds, best taken in liquid form, taken every 2-3 hours during the flu.”

Mary Boehmer, founding director of GreanBeam, an eco-educational community dedicated to The Green Baby Movement says,

“I immediately think of the easy to use and affordable Neti pot and salt wash.”

A Neti pot is a small pot resembling a teapot, with a spout attached near the bottom and often a handle on the opposite side. It can be used to prevent or after one has contracted the flu. It’s small enough to travel with you, takes less than a minute to use and it’s as easy as brushing your teeth! Simply fill the neti pot with warm water and pure, non-iodized salt and rinse each nostril with the warm salt water. Neti pots can be ordered online and come with detailed instructions.  You can even find fun videos on YouTube of people doing demos!” resident health counselor Gena Hamshaw recommends using ginger with your neti pot. “Use Yogi brand ginger tea or, far better boil fresh ginger and add lemon. Ginger has natural anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, it soothes the stomach and it clears the nose by softening mucous. We at love the Neti pot. Goodbye flu - hello clear breathing!” 

Board–certified family physician and author Dr. Joel Furhman adds, “the vast majority of people are grossly deficient in vegetable-derived phytonutrients that are essential for normalizing immune defenses against viruses. It takes a bigger viral exposure to infect a person well nourished with micronutrients and viral infections are milder and of shorter duration when a person has met their micronutrient needs. The problem is that most Americans think they can supplement themselves with pills into a state of nutrimental adequacy, but you cannot do that. There is simply no substitute for eating whole green vegetables; there are just too many phytonutrients that work synergistically. Many have not even been named yet. I recommend a glass of vegetable juice that is at least 30 percent leafy greens. Greens have at least ten times the nutrients of most other foods and any diet that does not include sufficient green vegetables is deficient.Become a nutritarian, go green!

Classically trained professional raw food chef Pete Cervoni has his own flu brew. “Besides taking copious amounts of probiotics, colloidal silver, vitamin C and a tincture of echinacea and goldenseal when I feel the onset of flu-like symptoms, one of my favorite natural remedies is one I learned while I was the Chef at Angelica Kitchen in NYC. When one of the cooks came down with the flu, he sheepishly schlepped into the juice bar and began to prepare something he called the “garlic-ginger challenge.” It was straight ginger and garlic juice with some fresh squeezed lemon and cayenne pepper. It is not a remedy for the faint of heart or weak of stomach! Since then, I have taken that same recipe and made it a somewhat kinder, gentler brew. I like to juice cucumber, celery, lemon, cilantro, ginger, and garlic and put a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper. Cucumber is great for flushing the cells, cilantro chelating heavy metals that might be rattling around in the bloodstream, lemon supplies vitamin C, ginger and garlic provides anti-parasitic and anti-viral properties, cayenne helps cells absorb the nutrients and celery helps push everything through my twin gear juicer! Fortunately I do not have to rely on this juice often. Keep your immune system strong and the flu will have nothing to feed on.”

Dr. Terry Lyles, the “Stress Doctor,” offers a unique perspective on the flu and how it relates to the stress in our lives. “Our bodies are machines that need regular maintenance and usage. Simply stated, the higher demands of usageand energy output, considered “bad stress,” will require a strict maintenance program, much like a high performance race-car. Today’s stressful lifestyles weaken the body’s immune system, making it susceptible to illness, including an higher risk for developing the flu. Without an immune-boosting plan in place, the body breaks down, attracting all types of health threats. The best defense from the flu is a strong immune system.” Terry offers two simple things to keep our bio-engines tuned: Daily rest and recovery, including regular pit-stops every 90 to 120 minutes, allowing the body to osculate and recuperate from high levels of daily stress. Regular exercise to help the body detox and increased wellness. “Using this maintenance program will put you in the class of high performers I train weekly, including professional race-car drivers and military personnel.”

Not everyone exposed to the common cold, infectious disease or latest version of the flu gets sick. Some people are not affected at all during cold and flu season, despite being surrounded by others’ coughing, sneezing and high fevers. A predominantly green, enzyme and nutrient-rich diet strengthens the immune system thereby preventing and reversing the flu.

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