Neuropathy-Neuro-Cranial Reconstruction

1 Jun 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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Neuropathy is the most powerful manipulation technique now available. It works by optimizing the shape of the skull and brain function, which normalizes spinal curves and improves nervous system control of the organs. NCR creates permanent incremental change towards maximal bodily stability, symmetry and nervous system function.

"80% of your nervous system is inside your skull.

Throughout life, trauma accumulates in the body, starting with the birth process. Trauma distorts and locks up the skull, which in turn locks up the whole body. NCR removes the effects of trauma by unlocking the skull, gradually moving the bones and tissues into a more appropriate position so that the proper mechanical functioning of all bodily systems is restored. This has the effect of freeing each NCR patient to be the magnificent person nature intended — fully and gracefully moving towards one’s highest potential

"Cranial therapy doesn't just eliminate pain and pressure from the skull, it restores the brain to the full power that Nature intended."

Developed after fifteen years of research by Dean Howell, N.D., Neuropathy is the first physical medicine technique to treat the cause of physical pains rather than the symptoms.

NCR doctors report that they consistently have results with conditions as diverse as headaches, back pain, scoliosis, depression, learning disabilities, sleep apnea and sinusitis. The link between these conditions is that they are all caused by mechanical problems in the body. Headaches, for instance, are triggered when structural problems in the head and neck cause the top bone in the neck (the atlas, C-1) to move ‘out'. The remedy is not to push the atlas back ‘in’, but to change the cranial balancing pattern so that the bone no longer needs to move into that painful position.

Other cranial movement techniques have less success than NCR because they work only on the external bones of the head, and this does not improve the stability of the sphenoid bone, an internal bone of the head. NCR is unique in its ability to move the bones outward from inside the head. NCR doctors carefully determine the position of the sphenoid, calculate a treatment pattern and then enter the inside of the nose with small inflatable balloons. When the balloon is inflated, its pressure on the bones that line the inside of the nose makes one or more of the jammed skull joints come unlocked. Then the connective tissues inside the head spring into action and push the bones back out towards their optimal position.

NCR is exceedingly safe, and because it enables the body to optimize fits structure and functions, it accelerates all other therapies.

“By changing the shape of the skull, we are also changing the pattern of blood flow to the different parts of the brain."

Besides the relief of physical pain symptoms, NCR patients report changes in their moods and feelings. Tension decreases. Creativity is enhanced. Marital relationships improve. Learning becomes easier. The symptomatic treatment of psychiatric conditions can often be gradually discontinued. The optimization of nervous system function creates these changes and more.

In Dr. Den Howell's words: "This is not a therapy needed by just a few. Almost everyone needs it. In our civilization you can hardly see a skull that is optimum. The problem cuts across all humanity. Distorted skulls are almost universal. To liberate the brain tissues from pressures, and to free up the central nervous system, is the greatest thing you can do for a human being's health. No other therapy can do this. "

To obtain more information, contact the Naturopathic Dispensany at (888) 252- 0411or fax at (425) 252-9387, or write P.O, Box 3250, Everett, WA, 982-352. Charges are $10 for The NCR folder or $35 for the NCR video.

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