31 May 2012
Author: Lindsay Johnson
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What sets Au's raw cuisine and recipes apart from the crowd is that not only does he eat and live this way, but he is also constantly researching ways to make his raw food the most optimal and the healthiest. His recipes are aligned with Dr. Gabriel Cousen's extensive medical research on raw diets that shows that people who eat raw feel rejuvenated, look younger, and perform at peak levels.

"There are certain ingredients that I do not use that many other raw foodists, restaurants, and chefs use that are definitely not healthy or good," says Au. "I only use the best ingredients and avoid those high in mycotoxins, as prescribed by Dr. Cousen in his book The Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine. It shocks me so much that other raw food companies and restaurants totally ignore all the warnings of raw, organic food ingredients that are too high in sugar or mycotoxins, There are many other substitutes that taste better and are better for you as well. I just lovingly follow his advice, and the food turns out amazing, and I am happy knowing that people are truly getting the best food on the planet."

Au's book, Raw in Ten Minutes shows readers how to make raw, organic cuisine fast, fun and easy. What is considered to be complicated, difficult and time-consuming is now a snap, and all the recipes take under ten minutes to make. There is no dehydrating in Au's book, which saves a lot of time and trouble. There is also a corn, panion DVD that shows how to make several recipes in the book. You can view samples of this DVD at his website at



will soon launch a nationwide line of raw organic dressings, sauces, salad kit mixes, snacks, and more. He is also planning to open more locations of the restaurant in Hollywood, Chicago, Portland, and possibly even New York and Tokyo.

If you are into raw foods, but have hesitated because you thought that raw food preparation was just too complicated and time-consuming then Au's book was written for you. It can be ordered directly from the publisher at Tratford.com, or by calling 1-888-232-4444. You will be preparing your own gourmet meals quickly and easily. And if you are in San Francisco, don't forget to stop by PA-RAW-DICE on Union Square to enjoy raw gourmet delights.

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